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  • Calendula officinalis
  • Calendula officinalis ‘Snow Princess’

The results from the People’s Choice Calendula vote 2021 are in - Calendula officinalis ‘Neon’ and Calendula officinalis ‘Candyman Orange’ were voted the most popular varieties by visitors to RHS Garden Harlow Carr in North Yorkshire and RHS Garden Hyde Hall in Essex.

Demonstration displays were staged this summer as part of Fleuroselect’s Year of the Calendula, and visitors were invited to vote for their favourites out of around 80 cultivars.

Preferences appeared to be largely weather dependent, with paler varieties such as ‘Snow Princess’ proving popular on brighter days, while varieties such as ‘Neon’ and ‘Pacific Flame Beauty’ were favourites during more overcast spells.

The RHS Garden Harlow Carr ‘People’s Choice’ results:

  1. Calendula officinalis ‘Neon’: this deep-orange flower features bronze tips, creating a glowing effect that helped it claim the top spot.
  2. Calendula officinalis ‘Crown Yellow’: the yellow petals with a darker, pompom-like darker centre were admired by voters.
  3. Calendula officinalis ‘Pacific Flame Beauty’: a popular choice for its tall stems and classic orange colour,

The RHS Garden Hyde Hall ‘People’s Choice’ results:

  1. Calendula officinalis ‘Candyman Orange’: another deep-orange cultivar, this strong colour is typical of a calendula.
  2. Calendula officinalis ‘Pacific Flame Beauty’: this classic looking calendula also took third place in the Harlow Carr vote.
  3. Calendula officinalis ‘Snow Princess’: a fully double white that looked particularly striking on bright, sunny days. Comments indicate it was chosen for its varied tones from creamy lemon to rich butter yellow.
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