Schoneveld Breeding won Japan Flower of the year 2023-2024

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Schoneveld Breeding challenged the boundaries of biology and …. succeeded. Area manager Huub van Oorspronk; “We were proud to present the result to Japan, as the first country worldwide. Its name is Illusia, this flowering pot plant is hitting the market by surprise. It was presented at the Flower Trials in Japan in September 2023. The reason we have chosen for Japan is because this type of innovative product is highly appreciated in the Japanese market. Distributors and consumers are specialists.”

The Japan Flower Selections(JFS) is the name of a Japanese new breed flower competition. The Japan Selections Association organizes this competition and gave Illusia a beautiful comment:

“The flowers that bloom upwards, which are a bit different from traditional varieties, are just like cherry blossoms. It is full of originality, such as the protrusions on the inner petals, and is luxurious and novel. It has excellent continuous flowering ability and has a long flower life. The upward blooming is perhaps due to the compact nature of the plant. It has a charm that brightens your mood. Since it is a seed based F1 variety, it has a good quality and has high production efficiency”.


The presentation of Illusia at the Flower Trials Japan, in the floating flowerpot, gave many oeh’s and aah’s. This resulted in many requests, already during the first hours of the Flower Trials. Huub van Oorspronk; “We could ony dream of such reactions we’ve received during the Flower Trials last September at Nagano. The response shows us the big potential of Illusia within the Japanese market and the rest of the world. We are 100% confident on a successful introduction and positioning in the market.”

Schoneveld Breeding will officially launch Illusia at the Dutch Flower Trials in week 24, June this year. 

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