New Johnston & Jeff paper sack a ‘win-win for nature’!

Company: Johnston & Jeff

Johnston & Jeff – the UK’s leading bird food manufacturer – is introducing paper sacks for one its most popular wild bird blends.

The Yorkshire business is offering a robust but entirely plastic-free sack for its Selected Wild Bird Food 12.75kg, to further build on its strong environmental credentials.

“It’s not just about looking after wild birds, but their habitat as well,” said Maddy Johnston, Marketing and Media Manager at Johnston & Jeff.

The new sack – which has been developed in line with customer feedback – will see a phased introduction to the popular blend and uses no plastic in its construction.

It has been designed to withstand the rigours of the delivery process, ensuring the sack and its contents remain completely intact from leaving the factory to being received by the customer.

Maddy added that the new sack was part of the company’s wider sustainability drive and would enable more people to recycle packaging effectively.

The company hopes this will reduce the amount of waste going to landfill, Maddy said, as paper recycling is much better understood than plastic recycling, and the required facilities are more accessible.

“As a business, we take sustainability very seriously,” said Maddy.

“We installed solar panels in 2013 to reduce our carbon footprint and have taken other steps to build on that since.

“So, when we found out some of our customers couldn’t recycle our packaging because their local authority didn’t offer the required facilities, we wanted to do something about it. 

“Paper is far more widely recycled than plastic so once we established a robust, plastic-free sack could be created, we decided to go with that.”

Despite the change in packaging, Selected Wild Bird Food remains the same highly popular and nutritious food.

The all-year-round blend has a high proportion of black oil sunflower seeds to ensure correct nutritional values and is designed to attract the widest variety of birds.

The blend contains wheat, black oil sunflower seeds, split maize, red dari, various small seeds, natural groats, yellow millet, and vegetable oil, and if two feeding points are used [feeder and table], there are very few birds that will not take this mix.

Maddy added that the new packaging increased the ‘wholesomeness’ of Selected Wild Bird Food.

“Selected Wild Bird Food is a highly nutritious and palatable blend that will help the birds in your garden thrive all year round,” she said.

“A fantastic wild bird food in sustainable packaging – it’s a win-win for nature.”

Johnston & Jeff’s customers have already welcomed the move towards a more sustainable solution.

Martin Guerrero, of Poltross Enterprises, said: “Good move. I’m old enough to remember your original paper sacks. You were probably one of the last manufacturers to move away from paper sacks at the time. Funny how things go full circle.”

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