New Insect Oil creates buzz in wild bird feed sector

Company: Henry Bell
  • Henry Bell Insect Oil
  • Henry Bell Insect Oil

Henry Bell is delighted that its new product range, made from nutritious insect oil to support wild bird health and vitality, has been met with a fantastic response from the industry. Insect Oil is an important addition to the Henry Bell Wild Bird Care’s suet collection and perfectly aligned to the company’s commitment to sustainable ingredients and green credentials.

Henry Bell Insect Oil harnesses the natural goodness found in Black Soldier Fly Larvae, using it as a main base ingredient instead of traditional beef tallow.

Insects play a key role in a wild bird’s diet and Henry Bell Insect Oil serves to replicate this natural nutrition in products across its range of insect oil suet logs and balls.

They are great for the bird’s immune system and packed full of vitamins and lauric acid to promote strong feather growth, aid weight gain and boost metabolism.

Insect Oil products feature more Vitamin B12 than salmon, twice as much protein as beef and chicken, and 10 times more calcium than beef.

“The products are fantastic news for our sector and I am delighted that Henry Bell is ahead of the curve with this revolutionary feed innovation,” said Tony Clare, Henry Bell Wild Bird Care Commercial Director.

“We introduced Insect Oil to our customers as part of a soft launch back in May and sales have been very encouraging. The products sit very nicely in Henry Bell’s extensive portfolio of premium feeds and accessories, providing retailers and consumers with an attractive alternative option – one that’s good for our birds and kind to the planet, too.”

Retailers interested in stocking the Insect Oil range or needing further information, should email

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