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Leading bird food manufacturer Johnston & Jeff has been appointed as the exclusive UK distributor for an innovative new pelleted bird feed.

Italian manufacturer Fiory has created a cold pressed pellet range called Micropills, suitable for parrots and parakeets, and has signed an exclusive deal with the Yorkshire company to sell it in the UK.

The Micropills range is the first pelleted bird food Johnston & Jeff has stocked, having always advised parrot and kept bird keepers to feed a more natural, nutritionally balanced diet based on seeds, fruits, nuts, and vegetables.

However, the cold pressing technique used to create the new product means it retains far more of its nutrients compared to traditional extruded pellets, and is much more palatable.

Maddy Johnston, Marketing and Media Manager at Johnston & Jeff, said it was these qualities that had convinced the business to stock its first ever pelleted bird food.

Maddy said: “Traditional pellets are made using a process called extrusion, in which the ingredients are cooked and pressed together.

“Not only can this reduce the nutritional content of the end product, it also removes moisture, making them harder, drier, and less palatable to birds.

“The cold pressing technique used by Fiory means the Micropills range retains far more nutrients and produces a pellet that parrots and other birds enjoy more. As part of a varied diet that should also include seeds, fruits, nuts and vegetables to add interest to your pet’s food, they make a nutritious and convenient addition.

“Fiory Micropills are the first pellet we’ve ever stocked and the only one we recommend.”

The Micropills range comes in four different varieties – Adult Maintenance for Parakeets, Lovebirds and Budgerigars; Adult Maintenance for Amazons and Cockatoos; Adult Maintenance for African Greys; and Adult Maintenance for Macaws – but they are suitable for a range of other kept and aviary species.

The pellets are formulated to have the correct levels of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats for each species, and contain nutraceuticals including hepatoprotector plant extracts such as oregano, which increase liver health, palatability and act as an antibacterial agent.

Maddy added the company was delighted to have been appointed as the exclusive distributor for the UK.

“Fiory shares our ethos of creating nutritionally balanced food and ensuring parrot welfare is at the heart of everything we do,” she said.

“We’re delighted to stock Fiory Micropills alongside our high quality seed-based blends and we’re confident UK bird owners will see the value of adding them into their feeding regimes.”

For more information on Fiory Micropills, email or call (01430) 449444.

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