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They say the way to a persons’ heart is through their stomach and it is exactly the same when it comes to birds. Honeyfield’s Wild Bird has dedicated years to developing and sourcing quality products to make the bird feeding experience as easy as possible. This care and attention to the full experience ensures that there is a solution for every consumer, by creating differing price points throughout their range. This competence and care runs deep throughout the Honeyfield’s brand by not only offering the gift of wild birds in the garden, but providing the gift of wildlife via their collaboration with conservation grade Fair To Nature.


The gift of conservation

Driven by innovation and high-quality standards, Honeyfield’s became the first supplier of Fair to Nature Bird Seed in the UK. This is no mean feat because to be awarded the Fair to Nature accreditation companies must commit to, where the ingredients allow, using cereals and other seeds grown on Fair to Nature farms. Fair to Nature Farms dedicate 10% of their land to wildlife. This means that Honeyfield’s Wild Bird Food not only feeds the birds in the garden but looks after the birds and other wildlife in our countryside too!


The gift of birds 

Studies have shown that seeing and hearing birds in your garden has a direct link to lowering levels of stress, anxiety and depression all whilst providing nutritious food for the birds. This enrichment that birds bring to people is a key reason for the love of wild birds, an experience that the public often pass on to loved ones via gifts such as bird feeders, dining stations and treats, so they can also benefit from the gift of birds in their garden.

The Honeyfield’s range has elegant products that would fit into any gift area, such as the Cottage Garden Feeders which feature a decorative squirrel proof cage and are available in Peanut, Seed and Suet Feeder options.

To treat the avid bird lover, the decorative yet functional Dining Station is the perfect gift to display multiple feeders. Complete with detachable fork stabilising base, water and treat bowls and 12 feeder hangers, this really does offer perfect centre piece for the bird lovers garden.

Honeyfield’s recognises that presents don’t need to cost a lot, which is why they launched their Pre-filled feeders last season. These are easy fill and easy clean feeders which are full of the birds favourites such as seeds mix, peanuts, suet pellets and even mealworms. 

For an energy packed treat, look no further than the new Honeyfield’s Suet Blocks and Urban Garden Suet Block Feeder. These Suet Blocks are available in 2 flavours, Mealworms & Insect and Fruity flavour and are available as 300g single blocks, packs of 4 blocks and a mixed pack of 8 (4 Fruity and 4 Mealworm & Insect).

To enhance your gifting area, please email Honeyfield’s at info@honeyfieldswildbird.co.uk or call 0845 257 0232.   

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