Honeyfield’s take eco credentials to the next level with new packaging

Company: Honeyfield

Wild Bird Care brand Honeyfield’s, part of WHM Pet Group, have reinforced their “eco” credentials by introducing an industry first “eco” packaging development. This includes a new packaging design and the first truly biodegradable plastic technology.

100% committed to the environment

Honeyfield’s are 100% committed to restoring the earth and have taken this to the next level with bag packaging that is made from 100% post-industrial recycled material which is also 100% recyclable after use. This new bag composition is also uniquely 100% biodegradable, so if it does end up in a non-recycling process then it will naturally break down completely within a year, leaving no micro-plastics behind.

Honeyfield’s is a brand committed to innovation and this includes how the product is packaged. This is the first wild bird care brand in the UK to use biodegradable and fully recycled plastic in their packaging. The new biodegradable formula is the world’s first technology capable of delivering full decomposition on polyolefin packaging materials in the open environment. The strength and durability of the bag has been maintained and the materials tested to international standards as well as British standards in real-life open-air environments.

Carbon Footprint reduction

As well as conforming to British standards, the packaging supports British trade by being sourced and printed within 50 miles of the Honeyfield’s manufacturing site. This is a major benefit to the local economy, but most importantly minimizes Honeyfield’s carbon footprint, making them more sustainable than ever.

New branding

The consumer packs now work harder than previous designs showing vital sustainability benefits, which are supported at the back of the bag showing clear recycling guidance with strong eco messaging. Branding and product information can be seen at the heart of the bags, with a bird shaped clear window to showcase the quality food blend.

Fair to Nature

The design also shows off the Honeyfield’s Fair to Nature message, which has a strong resonance with consumers. Honeyfield’s are extremely proud of their Fair to Nature accreditation which means where the ingredients allow, using cereals and other seeds grown on Fair to Nature farms. These farms dedicate at least 10% of their land to wildlife and the logo in support of this is featured on the each of the applicable bags. Now on the new packaging, look out for handy iconography detailing the type of habitat created and the species helped by the Fair to Nature farm, where the food came from.

Instore opportunity

With a brand-new packaging look and sustainable messages, Honeyfield’s have been keen to offer an instore solution to take advantage of the opportunity to promote and strengthen the brand. Also included for the 2022 season is a complete range of wooden display stands featuring wall, gondola and plinth options, with bright and colourful POS in order to elevate features and benefits, which are sure to strike a chord with environmentally minded wild bird enthusiasts. These have already proved highly successful in store installations to date.

Honeyfield’s are giving 100% for the season ahead with packaging that is 100% Recycled, 100% Recyclable and 100% Biodegradable. If you are interested in stocking Honeyfield’s wild bird care products, please email sales-support@marriagesmillers.co.uk or call 01430 875853. Visit the Honeyfield’s website to browse the new product range – www.honeyfieldswildbird.co.uk

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