100% responsible ‘Food Range’ released by Wildlife World

Company: Wildlife World
  • Cotswold Granaries No Mess Food
  • Cotswold Granaries Duck and Swan
  • Cotswold Granaries Hedgehog Food
  • Cotswold Granaries Squirrel Food

Wildlife World, under the Cotswold Granaries brand, launch new home compostable packaging and 100% natural wild bird, hedgehog, duck and squirrel feed, available now. Zero plastic, zero waste, zero consumer guilt!

Cotswold Granaries new ‘Food Range’ packed in fully home compostable packaging made entirely of starch and plant fibres. The 100% naturally sourced food range is available in 6 varieties, including high-quality, nutrient dense feed for hedgehogs, squirrels, ducks and swans. Plus three mixes for wild birds with the ‘No Mess Mix’, ‘Sunflower Hearts’ and the ‘No Wheat Mix’.

Mark Pitman, General Manager at Wildlife World describes; “We’ve always had a strong sense of environmental responsibility here at Wildlife World and its great to be able to offer packaging for a product that is 100% home compostable. Many of our customers are looking to protect and preserve both the natural environment and the creatures that live there, so we believe this new 100% natural food range will be well received.


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