RotoSpa the most energy efficient hot tubs in the UK

Company: RotoSpa

RotoSpa have been building highest quality Hot Tubs in Birmingham for 20 years. Aware of rising energy costs, RotoSpa design their Hot Tubs and insulate them to the highest standards, creating what has become the benchmark for energy efficient hot tubs in the UK.

The increase Hot Tub awareness coupled with understanding the health benefits, has quickly created one of the “must have” back garden products of the 21st century. Why not have a staycation and Holiday at home every day of the year!

RotoSpa take the stress out of Hot Tub retailing with a full delivery package and incentives for both the retailer and prospect. RotoSpa will provide your business, full training, display Hot Tub plus point-of-sale material to make the display look both inviting and informative.

Your manned display will earn you a minimum of £450 per spa sold, but realistically this will be more as RotoSpa retailers sell 4 spas per month on average. Your high footfall premises and demographic, combined with our fantastic product and package will result in sales!

Join us for one of our events day and even try your hand at building a RotoSpa!

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