Primus unwraps a garden of possibilities for 2024

Company: Primus

Primus, a family run business whose heritage dates back to 1925, is a brand synonymous with creativity and innovation in the world of garden decor and giftware. The brand is delighted to announce the official launch of its highly anticipated 2024 range alongside a captivating new catalogue and a fresh new look.


A Legacy of Creativity

Founded in 2016, the brand Primus is part of the near 100-year-old Perry Group, in its 7 years they have swiftly ascended to become the nation's preferred choice for garden décor, thanks to a relentless pursuit of the next big thing in the market. The brand's in-house design team collaborates with global partners to bring forth a diverse range of products, ensuring that Primus remains at the forefront of trends and consumer preferences.


Unveiling the Future: 2024 Range and Catalogue

In a testament to Primus's unwavering commitment to excellence in new product development, the 2024 range boasts nearly 200 new products across 25 captivating ranges, as well as expanding on existing bestselling categories. Customers will be excited to see innovative new solar lighting, a new range of outdoor clocks, decorative bird feeders, novelty pots & planters, and much more. This momentous occasion is marked not only by an array of innovative additions but also by a new branding initiative, introducing a new look to its branding and packaging that captures the essence of Primus's evolving identity.

Customer-Centric Approach

At Glee 2023, Primus engaged extensively with valued customers, seeking valuable insights to shape the development of new products. This customer-centric approach has culminated in a 2024 range that promises innovation, impeccable designs, and ranges that stand out as truly unique in the market. Primus has transcended its previous scope, now catering to every facet of garden décor, ensuring widespread appeal to all garden retailers, regardless of the budget.


Nationwide Support: Primus Sales Agents

In tandem with the launch of the 2024 range, Primus proudly announces a team of sales agents covering the entire UK and Northern Ireland, dedicated to assisting retailers in navigating the expansive Primus catalogue.
“Our sales agents are not just representatives; they are partners invested in the success of every retail venture and the overall growth and development of the brand.” Commercial Director of The Perry Group, Ian Dunnaker says.

Merchandising Excellence: Elevating In-Store Displays

Recognising the importance of captivating in-store displays, Primus has undertaken significant investments in developing merchandising solutions tailored to complement the various ranges within the catalogue. These displays are meticulously designed to maximize the space and enhance the visual appeal of Primus products, ensuring that they stand out and capture the attention of discerning shoppers.

Steve Perry has this to say on the new launch:  “As Primus embarks on this exciting journey into 2024, our commitment to not only delivering exceptional products but also ensuring their optimal presentation in stores reflects our dedication to supporting our retail partners. Together, with our sales representatives, new product packaging and thoughtfully designed merchandising displays, we believe will not only elevate the visibility of our brand but also drive success for our valued retail partners nationwide

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