Pit Boss® and Louisiana Grills® made their show debut at GLEE 2021

Company: Dansons Europe

Pit Boss® and Louisiana Grills®, two of the hottest barbecue brands right now make their show debut at GLEE 2021.

Manufactured by Dansons, we are proud to be confirmed as the fastest growing grilling brand in the industry.

Bringing with us over 20 years’ experience in creating world class, competitive and innovative products now available to the UK Outdoor Living sector. Never compromising our integrity, we focus on relationships and take pride in taking care of our customers and partners.

We are pleased to be launching 10 new Pellet, Gas and Charcoal Grills alongside the entire 2022 collection of Pit Boss® and Louisiana Grills®, Accessory products and the best 100% all-natural Hardwood Pellet Fuel on the market.

Offering 8 in 1 cooking versatility, our unique External Direct Flame Searing Technology™ and our industry leading 5-year warranty, Pit Boss® offers exceptional quality, value and market leading innovation across our 100% all-natural Wood Fired Pellet, Gas, Combination and Charcoal Grills.

For those who want the best, look no further than Louisiana Grills®. Exquisite flavour backed by cutting-edge grilling technology, upscale, stylish designs and a reawakening of performance and innovation. All delivered from over 20 years of Pellet ingenuity designed to raise the standard of your outdoor cooking adventure. With pioneering features like our patented Pressurised Cooking System™ that provides best-in-class rear exhaust output that evenly circulates heat and smoke throughout the cooking chamber.

As a preview to GLEE 2021 and just one on the many new products on offer, Pit Boss Grills® is proud to announce the release of the robust and innovative Ultimate Plancha Series. The first in its class, this line of griddles perfectly blends power, portability and precision to create a one-of-a-kind grilling machine that delivers a Bigger. Hotter. Heavier. and now more convenient outdoor cooking experience unlike anything on the market today. 

These units come equipped with our unique Non-Stick Armoured Ceramic Cooking Surface that deliver an unrivalled user-friendly cooking experience. This exclusive surface is ready to use straight out of the box and is a dream to clean, needing just a gentle wipe after use. As a bonus, the ceramic coating also protects the griddle from scratches and rust, effectively keeping the grill looking better for longer.

The Ultimate Plancha Series is aesthetically qualified to be the centrepiece of your backyard cooking arrangement, while also being flexible enough to hit the road and handle your cooking needs wherever you go. Featuring a robust heating platform ranging from 2 to 5 burners, the Ultimate Plancha is the perfect fit for whatever your needs may be. The 2-4 burner models are completely portable, as they utilise easy lift-off technology for simple transport to any campsite or tailgating event. The 5-burner unit comes equipped with a cabinet to serve your cooking storage needs. As practical as it is inventive, this line of Plancha is our most versatile product to date.

The choice is simple. The Ultimate Plancha by Pit Boss® Grills is the Biggest. Hottest. Heaviest. ® and most convenient griddle on the market.

More range highlights launching at GLEE 2021 are the awesome Bigger. Hotter. Heavier™ Pit Boss® Pro Series 850, 1150 and 1600 Wood Fired Pellet Grills!

All models feature a digital PID control board and advanced technology to provide precise temperature control. The Pit Boss® Pro Series 850, 1150 and 1600 deliver even cooking temperatures and more all-natural hardwood smoke than ever before. Enjoy perfectly cooked meals and unbeatable flavour. Plus, use the Pit Boss Smoke IT app combined with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth compatibility to maximise your grilling experience, control temperature settings, monitor your grill’s meat probes and more.

Weighing in at 73 KG, 86KG and 95KG respectively, The Pit Boss® Pro Series 850, 1150 and 1600 Wood Fired Pellet Grills boast huge 5,484, 7,451 and 10,311 square centimetre cooking areas, meaning these massive grilling machines can easily serve a crowd with real wood flavours skilfully infused into eight different styles of cooking.

The best part about a Pit Boss® Pro Series 850, 1150 and 1600 Pro Series Wood Fired Pellet Grills is that anyone can become an instant grill master. With the easy-to-read digital control pad, quick dial-in temperature range and two included meat probes, smoking meats to tender perfection has never been more convenient. Plus, every Pit Boss® Grill is crafted with heavy-duty steel, making your grilling machine the Biggest. Hottest. Heaviest® in its class. That is truly dependable quality, built to entertain a crowd for years to come.

Cook low and slow or hot and fast with a temperature range of 82° – 260°C and use our innovative Flame Broiler Lever™.  Pull the lever to use indirect heat or push the lever to activate our Direct Flame Searing Technology. Unique to Pit Boss®, instantly transforming your Pro Series 850, 1150 and 1600 from a world class Barbecue Smoker into a high temperature wood fired Grill!
Open the unique Slide-Plate Flame Broiler™ to access the direct flame and char-grill or sear your food at temperatures in excess of 530°c, making the Pit Boss® Pro Series so much more than just an outdoor oven!


Can your Pellet Grill do that?

Using fan forced convection cooking and 100% all-natural hardwood fuel these units delivers great results however you choose to cook; sear,smoke, BBQ, roast, char-grill, braise, bake, and grill – all-in-one.

Additional features of the Pit Boss® Pro Series 850 ,1150 and 1600 Wood Pellet Grill include a 9KG or 14 KG hopper capacity with an easy-pellet-cleanout door, removeable ash management, crosshatch porcelain coated cast iron cooking grates for perfect sear marks, a folding front shelf and solid side shelf with built-in tool hooks, two included meat probes and the Pit Boss best-in-class 5-year warranty.

Joining the Pit Boss® Pro Series 850, 1150 and 1600 Wood Fired Pellet Grills in the new Pit Boss® Pro Series 4-Series Vertical Wood Pellet Smoker.

Never has achieving real-wood flavour been so smart, easy, and accessible as it is with the Pit Boss® Pro Series 4-Series Vertical Wood Pellet Smoker. Bigger. Hotter. Heavier. and now Smarter®, these grills are also equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology, so you can also use the Pit Boss® Smoke IT™ app to control temperature settings, monitor your smoker’s meat probes and much more from the convenience of your phone.

Built with four easy-to-manoeuvre wheels, the Pit Boss Pro® Series 4-Series Vertical Wood Pellet Smoker is the perfect addition to any party. Smoking, roasting and baking are so convenient that you will discover reasons to wheel it out for every occasion. With its upright design and portable size, the Pro Series 4-Series Vertical Wood Pellet Smoker packs a powerful punch. It features four porcelain coated cooking racks that stack together to provide over 6,000 square centimeters of adjustable cooking space. In addition, this smoker has a large view window to eliminate the need for peek-a-boo cooking.

Additional features of the Pit Boss Pro® Series 4-Series Vertical Wood Pellet Smoker include a 6,948 square centimetre cooking area, a precise temperature control digital PID control board, 29 kg hopper capacity, porcelain coated cast iron cooking grids, one meat probe included, fan forced convection cooking, automatic start-up and cool down, heavy-duty steel construction, a high-temperature powder coat, superb ash management system with easy clean tray and the Pit Boss® best-in-class 5-year warranty.

The Pit Boss® Pro Series 850, 1150 and 1600 Wood Fired Pellet Grills and the Pit Boss® Pro Series 4-Series Vertical Wood Pellet Smoker alongside the Pit Boss® Ultimate Plancha Series, making their UK show debut exclusively at GLEE 2021

Get a Bigger. Hotter. Heavier. ® Barbecue display now. Join our UK Dealer Direct Network, to experience the Pit Boss® and Louisiana Grills® difference!

Contact Pit Boss Grills® UK for further details: www.pitboss-grills.com

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