Pit Boss® and Louisiana Grills® bring Bigger. Hotter. Heavier™ to SOLEX 2022

Company: Dansons Europe
  • Pitboss Ultimate Griddle 4 Burner
  • Champion

Get Grilling done right with Dansons, the fastest growing brand in the industry.

Reshape what you think you know about Pellet, Charcoal, Griddles Gas, Electric and Combination Grills!

Pit Boss® and Louisiana Grills® are Bigger. Hotter. Heavier™ than the competition, with unique products, awesome quality and a truly unbelievable value proposition.

All Pit Boss® and Louisiana Grills® Pellet Grills feature Direct Flame Searing or SearTech® Technology, for cooking at temperatures up to 538°C.

Turn your Grill from a world class Smoker into a high temperature wood fired grill, making your Pellet Grill. so much move than just an outdoor oven!

Can your Pellet Grill do that?

Range highlights include, the Pit Boss® Navigator and Pro Series, Ultimate Griddle, Champion Barrel Smoker, Sportsman Portable Gas and our new Rubs and Spices.

Pit Boss® and Louisiana Grills®.

Bigger. Hotter. Heavier™

Find us at stand 270.



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