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Company: Ginique Ltd

This is Ginique’s first time at SOLEX and we are really looking forward to bringing our collection of fire products to the attention of the outdoor leisure industry for the first time.

Based in Shropshire, we are the exclusive UK distributors for Höfats Gmbh and Glowbus Bv.

Höfats are German manufacturers of high-end fire products, combining unique designs with exciting functionality. Founded in 2015 they have achieved more than 50 international design awards for their innovative range.

Glowbus are Belgian manufacturer of corten steel fire sculptures.

Each piece in the Glowbus collection is a handmade, functional work of art. The unique design makes an eye-catching and beautiful garden structure.

When lit the design and light play, takes an evening around a crackling fire into a completely different dimension.

A love of the environment is at Ginique’s core and so all our products are made from Stainless or Corten steel. Both are fully recyclable and have no detrimental impacts on life, the immediate environment or local ecology, plus all our products are long-lasting with zero maintenance. Both Hofats and Glowbus packaging is fully recyclable.

Eat | Sleep | Fire | Repeat

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