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The outdoor heating category has remained largely unchanged…until now! Forget your firebowls, and firepits, Firestorm Heaters are here to show you what the future of heating looks like.

Launched exclusively for the 2023/4 season, Firestorms offer a new look at the outdoor heating market. A futuristic design sees a 5ft glass tube adorn the fuel loading device, together taking up just a 2 sq ft footprint. But this small footprint packs a mighty punch, with temperatures reaching 350°C; perfect for warming those cold evenings, whilst adding mesmerising ambience to outside spaces.

Each heater comes complete with an accessory kit (Long Reach Cleaning Sponge, Metal Shovel, Metal Scraper, Metal Poker, Fixtures & Fittings, and Instruction Manual) and can be set up in a matter of minutes. Maximum heat can also be achieved in just 20 minutes. Plus, with a RRP of £499 these are hugely competitive products that offer increased quality and longevity compared to the ranges currently dominating the marketplace.

Award-winning British construction

However, Firestorm isn’t just about looks. This is a product with heart. Hand constructed in the Herefordshire countryside, Firestorm Heaters have already scooped the 2023 Glee New Product ‘Best of British’ award, where a panel of industry leaders awarding this much-sought-after accolade were impressed by the detailed and meticulous approach to the design and material sourcing. If that wasn’t enough, the Firestorm brand was also presented with the Glee ‘Leisure & Entertaining’ award at the same time, with judges amazed by the unique design and the company’s commitment to bringing to market greener heating solutions.

But what does ‘greener’ heating solutions mean? In the case of Firestorm, it means using an environmentally sustainable fuel made up of renewable wood pellets. Sourced from biomass energy experts, who exclusively source from FSC™-certified UK-based, responsibly managed forests and use sawmill co-products or surplus logs, these pellets offer a much-reduced carbon footprint when compared to traditional fuels, such as gas or coal. What’s more, these wood pellets offer a ‘clean burn’, meaning minimal harmful emissions are emitted during use. An additional benefit is that wood pellets are also kinder to the pocket, with a 30kg bag offering over 12 hours of burn time.

Ready for 2024

With Firestorm Heaters now the new name on everyone’s lips, it is the perfect time to find out about becoming a stockist. Stock availability remains high, with a minimum order quantity of just four units, making it an attractive proposition. Plus, with winter and the year’s biggest gifting period on the horizon, stock can be instore within a matter of days to ensure the maximum window of sales potential.

New point of sale has also been created to clearly outline the multiple features and benefits, while a mock flame is also available to ‘create the look’ in store and inspire customers.

Firestorm’s spokesperson said: “It’s about time that we offered consumers something new. For too long people have been huddled around firepits, pretending to enjoy smoke in their eyes, the smell clinging to their clothes, and heat that disappears with a single gust of wind. As a nation, we’ve normalised rusty, rain-filled fires that are past their prime after just one season, but we say, ‘no more!’

“With Firestorm Heaters, not only have we created a heater that will last but we’ve developed one that performs significantly better than any other solution, including electric and gas-powered models. We want to offer consumers longevity, with a 12-month warranty and replacement parts available, should accidents happen. And, perhaps more importantly, the Firestorm offers a story. We truly believe we’re offering something not yet seen in the UK. These products are hand constructed and finished here in the UK, bolstered by strong environmental values, making it an exciting proposition and one that has kept us very busy since launching at Glee 2023. As the new season approaches and winter closes in, we now want the market to know that we’re ready to respond to demand. We believe in our product and know it will sell well, so what are you waiting for?”


Find out more

For further information regarding Firestorm Heaters, and to find out more about becoming a UK stockist, please visit, email or call 01432 667 567

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