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  • EKJU Classic Picnic Bench
  • EKJU Cross Leg Table Set
  • EKJU Double Relax Chair
  • EKJU Garden Bar Table Set

EKJU are a manufacturer focussed on crafting quality Garden Furniture. Their overall mission features a genuine love for the environment and bringing people together outdoors. With an extensive range, EKJU continue to produce the most durable of timber products for the garden, using responsibly sourced FSC timber from nearby forests in northern Europe.

Making memories outdoors

EKJU have a broad range of Garden Furniture products that are designed with comfort in mind, so that end users can relax and enjoy the great outdoors. EKJU have a fond appreciation for nature and using the forests natural resource they aim to make every piece of furniture count towards making memories outdoors, whilst making their manufacturing process as environmentally friendly as possible.

Classic designs such as the Relax Chair and the Round Picnic Table have played a part in bringing loved ones together outside for many years. These types of products have been especially important during recent lockdowns when moments together have been limited to only outside meetings in gardens.

Quality first

Part of the EKJU mission is to maintain high product standards, creating Garden Furniture that is crafted with care and attention.  The EKJU skilled workforce and capabilities ensure that their product is built to last. Their ambition is to make a product last as long as it takes to regrow a new tree in a forest. High standards are achieved by selecting the best sustainable timber from local northern European forests. This live wood is the best available quality and stronger due to its slow growth, ideal for use on garden products due to its high density and durable nature. During production, the production team craft every part of a furniture set to ensure consistently smooth product finishing, using extensive knowledge, and state-of-the-art machinery.

Before impregnation treatment, kiln drying occurs in on site kiln ovens where furniture sets are dried in a time-controlled environment to ensure the finished product has the correct moisture levels. This process helps prevent warping or bowing which provides the retailer and consumer with a more robust longer lasting product.

Garden Furniture for all occasions

The team of craftsmen at the 18-acre manufacturing facility in Latvia are well versed in providing custom designs and bespoke product ideas for key customers. However, the real appeal is EKJU’s commitment to a large assortment of outdoor living solutions ready to ship.

Picnic Tables such as the Classic Picnic Bench allow families to graze in the great outdoors providing a place to relax together. Table sets such as the Cross Leg Table Set are a fantastic solution to alfresco dining in summer evenings. The Garden Bar Table Set is ideal for enjoying a well-earned drink after a long week at work. Benches and Chair sets such as the Double Relax Chair can be used in your favourite garden spot to enjoy afternoon tea.

In the last 18 months EKJU have been able to make significant progress, particularly in the UK market. They have improved UK logistical networks and assembled a regional UK sales team allowing UK retailers to buy more EKJU products than before.

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