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Timber garden manufacturer EKJU have come a long way since their humble beginnings in 1992. In the last 30 years the company have managed to grow a great reputation for quality timber gardening products across Europe and introduce hundreds of functional products that consumers love to use in their gardens.

30 years and still growing

Egons, Klauss, Juris & Uldis were the founders of EKJU, who had a vision to create garden furniture that is crafted with the care and attention needed to ensure the product lasts as long as it takes to regrow a new tree. Since 1992 the company have adopted this ethos throughout their range of products. The focus on the end user and attention to detail across the business nurtures a drive for the highest product and service standards.

EKJU are now one of Europe’s biggest manufacturers and exporters of timber Garden Furniture and have been exporting products throughout Europe for over 25 years. Their extensive product range is manufactured using northern European live wood that is ideal for use on Garden Furniture due to its high density and durable qualities.

Over 30 years, EKJU have kept a consistent vision and through constant refinement of their offer and operations. Throughout this period EKJU’s genuine care for the environment has become evident. EKJU have carbon neutral operations, use the most durable of FSC timber from local forests and have zero timber waste at their manufacturing site in Latvia.

In April this year EKJU became part of the AMATA group, a management buyout team of existing management who are now fostering the company’s future growth and retaining the original ethos that started in 1992.

Spreading their roots

EKJU’s hero products include Picnic Tables, Garden Benches and Table Sets, which they supply to retail organisations of all sizes. Their range of garden furniture is comprehensive and provides multiple outdoor living solutions for retailers to supply consumers.

In the last 10 years, the range has been extended to include Grow Your Own products, which has been a popular trend throughout Europe in the last 15 years. EKJU have many shapes and sizes of Raised Beds, which cater for differing garden sizes. There are also many styles of Planters, which complement the furniture range. Like EKJU’s Garden Furniture, this range is constructed well using the best quality FSC timber which is treated against wood rot and decay. Many items can also be treated in Dark Brown, Natural Green and Grey, providing neutral colours that suit many garden styles, whilst providing products that last.

As well as growing the product range, EKJU have spread their roots, with 98% of EKJU’s total product volume being exported across Europe, with long standing logistical networks throughout the continent to help deliver great customer service.

Branching out to the UK

One market that EKJU have experienced recent success in is the UK gardening market. In 2020 EKJU UK Ltd was formed, which bolstered the logistical network from Latvia to the UK. A dedicated distribution hub in a well-positioned central UK location now means there is a constant presence of stock in the UK and faster delivery lead times. Supporting the EKJU brand further there is dedicated UK resource and a UK based sales team to support regional and independent accounts.

After a successful Glee 2021 show last month, EKJU continue to branch out in the UK. If you missed them at the show and you are a retailer looking for sustainable range of Grow Your Own and Garden Furniture, you can now access EKJU’s quality range of products and have regular sales support. Please email ekju@ekju.lv if you wish to discuss the EKJU range or alternatively visit www.ekju.com to browse the product range.

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