Big K adds Smokeys Hardwood Pellets to their BBQ smoking range

Company: Big K

The BBQ smoking sub culture has experienced a surge in popularity over the last ten years. And the community is always developing new smoking techniques and products to take things to the next level.

At Big K we pride ourselves on being in touch with new trends in the market. Our objective is to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers by providing the highest quality products. With this in mind, we’re delighted to announce the newest addition to our BBQ smoking range – Smokeys Hardwood Pellets.

What are Smokeys Hardwood Pellets?

Our Premium Blend Smokeys Hardwood Pellets are a 100% natural wood flavour enhancer, specifically designed for use in pellet smokers, as well as conventional smokers. Each pellet is made of compressed hardwood sawdust - more specifically, a perfectly balanced mix of Hickory, Maple and Cherry hardwoods. 

What are the benefits of Smokey’s Hardwood Pellets?

When compared to regular wood chips, Smokeys Hardwood Pellets deliver a deeper, richer and more intense smoke. This helps to seal the food faster, maintaining internal moisture and adding a gorgeous impactful smoky flavour. However the real secret lies in the blend. We’re talking about a harmonious balance of Hickory, Maple and Cherry – all combined in equal scoops. The result is an optimal smoking experience delivering a premium flavour for the palate – all with just the right amount of smoke. 

Perfect performance comes with practicality too. While many smoking pellets are packaged in bags, our Smokey’s Hardwood Pellets come in a practical storage box with a built in pouring spout for precision. This makes adding the pellets to a pellet smoker super quick and super easy.

Product details

Smokeys Hardwood Pellets

  • Premium mix of equal amounts of Hickory, Maple and Cherry
  • Virgin sawdust, bark free, minimum ash
  • Convenient 9.2kg/20lb box with pouring spout
  • Perfect for use in Pellet grills, smokers and pizza ovens
  • 100% Natural with No fillers, binders or additives

For more information please email or call our sales office on 01366 501485.

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