Try new ‘Flow’ film for 2021

Company: Excelerate

Whilst we are all trying to make our way through these uncertain times, we have been working hard behind the scenes on the development of our ever growing product range. Introducing our Flow film. Designed for maximum aeration. "Flow" is by far the lightest of its kind – weighing in at only a staggering 1.5g per meter. There is nothing on the market with such lightweight properties that is perfect for the horticulturalist professional.

The formula has been tweaked to provide remarkable strength, with no compromise on perforation, load stability qualities and appearance. It provides 80% stretch on tensioning, whether hand or machine applied, giving you exceptional value for money. It wraps substantially more pallets per roll than any other perforated films in the market. Combine this new film with our tried and tested heavy duty "ExcelAir" films, we have all potential requirements covered.

We are also a supplier of state-of-the-art Wrapping Machines. Our range of films run perfectly on these cost effective solutions that streamline your end of line wrapping requirements. These machines complement our high specification films and gives you 100% security in wrapping your goods. Utilise the staff you have and let the machine do the wrapping!

To organise a sample roll, please contact the office on 01604 644100 or email

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