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Company: STV UK

STV are reporting a huge uptake on their innovative new Development Deals which offer unbeatable cost prices and generous profit margins on key volume lines, as well as providing in-store merchandising completely free of charge. That makes Development Deals a really easy way to achieve great display with clear point of sale on a small footprint – ideal for placing in high footfall hotspots to meet seasonal demand peaks for all types of DIY Pest Control.

The deals cost from as little as £200 and will generate 60% gross margin at RRP.  But the company is warning that the clock is ticking on the promotion and all orders for 2024 must be placed before the end of February to secure the amazing prices and free merchandising and point of sale.

Top-selling Development Deals include offers on Own label recycled sprayers, The Big Cheese Anti-Mouse Repellents, Defenders Slugs Away and Zero In Natural Citronella.

Other category–beating Development Deals include slug and ant control, garden sprayers, and animal deterrents, as well as a great new range of organic plant protection products.  (

To take advantage of these fantastic Development Deals STV are urging customers to contact their local area sales manager or call direct at STV on 01953 881580.

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