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The Big Cheese Rodent Control

Local authorities are reporting a sharp increase in emergency callouts to treat rat infestations, with almost 90,000 incidents reported in the UK’s worst affected boroughs. 

Rat hotspots are being reported in Swansea, Birmingham, Liverpool, Glasgow, Sunderland, Nottingham, and Wigan*. But the largest increase is in Southwark, which experienced a 90% increase in emergency callouts compared with last year.

Recent storms and floodwaters are thought to have exacerbated the problem, providing easy access to buildings via drains and sewers.

And with the average cost of a professional callout reaching more than £230, homeowners are increasingly turning to DIY solutions.

Retailers in Rat Hotspots are reporting an upsurge in sales of The Big Cheese DIY rodent control products, with demand soaring for rat traps and cages, as well as bait and bait stations.

“Not surprisingly, demand for The Big Cheese products has increased, especially in urban, densely populated areas where our retail partners have seen sales growth of 150% and even higher on some lines,” says STV.  “We are working hard to maintain stock availability on all our key rodent control lines as demand is expected to continue throughout the Autumn/Winter season."

The full range of The Big Cheese product is featured in STV’s new-season Autumn/Winter catalogue, available on request or for download.

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