Prevention is always better than cure

Company: STV UK

Prevention is always better than cure when it comes to pest control. And with Autumn-season demand for rodent control products growing every week, STV is asking retail partners to keep stocks of poison-free and welfare-friendly products on shelf as an alternative to traditional baits and poisons.
The Big Cheese Poison-Free baits and traps are a safe and effective way to control mice and rats indoors and out. The patent pending trap systems provide continuous monitoring of vulnerable areas and can be easily switched to “active” mode the moment that mice or rats move in.
“Bait-take is the key to any successful rodent control system,” says STV, adding that The Big Cheese Poison-Free Block Bait, “which is irresistible to mice and rats, can be safely used all year round without risk to children, pets, and non-target birds and animals.”

Attractive Autumn-season deals and special offers for a full range of The Big Cheese Poison-Free products are available. And STV is supporting retail stockists with in-store video and merchandising promoting the benefits of selecting Poison-Free.
Similar offers and in-store video merchandising are also available for The Big Cheese welfare-friendly range of mouse deterrents. One in three home-users are expected to select a non-lethal solution, rather than traditional poison baits, to deal with an infestation of mice this winter, according to STV sales analysis.

The full range of The Big Cheese product is featured in STV’s new-season Autumn/Winter catalogue, available on request or for download:

The Big Cheese is the UK’s leading rodent control brand and generates over £21 million in retail sales each year in a market estimated to be worth £62 million to hardware and garden retailers. 

For more information on The Big Cheese product range, and to make the most of the Autumn/Winter season ahead, please contact STV on:


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