Garden Connect: 4 new OpSuite integrated webshops & apps live

Company: Garden Connect
  • Groves Nurseries and garden centre webshop

Just in time for the Christmas season, Garden Connect and Davidson Richards have launched four new projects.

Two brand new webshops went live at Stewarts Garden Centres and Groves Nurseries. Even better, the new St. Peters Garden Centre app has been launched, including both loyalty and hospitality functionality. Last but not least, together Garden Connect and Davidsonn Richards implemented an update on the integration with OpSuite allowing webshop visitors to buy digital gift cards online!

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Stewarts Garden Centres webshop

Stewarts Garden Centres have gone live with a brand new webshop at The new website is fully integrated with OpSuite EPOS and also offers the option to sell digital gift cards. After placing an order, this gift card is generated automatically on OpSuite and sent via the Garden Connect platform to the consumer. It’s the perfect last-minute gift and easy to manage.

Michael Saddler from Stewarts Garden Centres is happy with the result. He said: "We would definitely recommend Garden Connect. The process from initial meeting to final website was very smooth, they were able to accommodate all our requirements and nothing was too much trouble. We are very happy with the look and function of the finished website and the backend is nicely laid out and intuitive to use."

Go to for more information.

Groves Nurseries and Garden Centre webshop

Another webshop that went live in October is for Dorset based Groves Nurseries and Garden Centre. The new Groves webshop links the garden centre and webshop together and will help to generate in-store footfall as well as to increase online sales.

Another important aspect of the new Groves webshop is Ivy House, the restaurant within the garden centre. You might recognise Ivy House since the photo of this stylish building is sometimes used on Garden Connect’s own presentations! Not a coincidence, since our partner Smiemans Projecten built Ivy House a few years ago.

Visit for more info.

St. Peters Garden Centre loyalty & hospitality app

St. Peters Garden Centre launched a brand new, OpSuite integrated app for its customers. The new app is linked to the loyalty program of St. Peters Garden Centre allowing users to:

  • Check their personal vouchers
  • Check points
  • Register all purchases made

St. Peters can also use push messages to stay in touch with their loyalty cardholders.

But there is more! Since many card holders are visiting St. Peters Garden Centre to enjoy a coffee or lunch, the app also includes an advanced ordering system to order food and drinks while in the restaurant:

  • Fully OpSuite integrated
  • Customers can use vouchers within the app
  • In-app payments via card or phone
  • Options for allergies, dietary restrictions, and so on

This will help St. Peters Garden Centre to save time while giving an extra reason to its customers to register and join the unique loyalty program.

Go to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store (Android) to download the app.

Creative Gardens digital vouchers

Northern-Ireland based Creative Gardens launched its OpSuite integrated webshop last year, in the middle of the lockdown. After having a good first year, the webshop has been enhanced with two advanced features. The first one is the ability to sell digital cards, as explained above.

But the second feature caters for the loyalty members of Creative Gardens since they can now log in with their loyalty account and get points on their online purchases. They can also redeem their personal vouchers within the check out of the webshop, making sure the customer experience is exactly the same online & offline.

Go to for more info.

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