Flea population explosion!

Company: STV UK

Record volume sales increases of Zero In Home Flea Killers have followed the warmest early-Autumn weather on record and a surge in domestic infestations of cat and dog fleas.
Sales of Zero In Home Flea Killer are up by over 300% year on year and STV are encouraging retail partners to stay fully stocked, even as mild weather gives way to cold over the coming weeks.
“As the UK switches its central heating on, we will see an even stronger surge in flea infestations around the home,” says STV, warning that fleas spend 95% of their life cycle living off dogs and cats, and are typically found in bedding, furniture, and carpets around the home.

The full Zero In Home Flea Killer range is featured in STV’s new-season Autumn/Winter catalogue, available on request or for download at stvuk.com, with attractive pre-season deals and offers now available from leading national wholesalers, including Decco, Stax, and Home Hardware.

Home Flea Killers are part of a range of speciality insect control products available under the Zero In brand, including bed bug, carpet beetle, clothes moth, and woodworm treatments. Zero In is the UK’s fastest growing insect control brand, now generating over £20 million of retail sales a year.

So make the most of your pre-season sales with Zero In Flea Control. For further assistance please contact STV at:
Email: sales@stvuk.com


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