Enjoy FLY-FREE Summer BBQs

Company: STV International

Flies can really spoil a summer barbecue and they’re most troublesome when the weather is warm and the sun is out – exactly the time that we love to spend outdoors with friends and family. Using a high quality and effective attractant bait together with a well-designed trap is the most sustainable and poison-free way to control the problem.

The FlyMax fly catcher trap is a designed to ensure that the flies can’t escape once inside and the unique, highly effective bait is irresistible to the flies, but made from completely non-toxic food ingredients. FlyMax is available as a single use, ready-baited trap which is great for use on camping or for caravan trips for example. For a more permanent installation in the garden, there’s also a re-usable version that can be re-baited with catcher bait refills. Both are highly effective at capturing flies from a radius of up to 10 metres.

Nick Hood, Marketing Manager said, “It seems that the warm weather always brings out swarms of annoying flies and we see consumer demand for products like FlyMax peak sharply when the sun shines. We recommend volume displays of the top selling lines close to other garden leisure products like barbecues so that there’s plenty of stock available for those impulse purchases.”

Volume lines like the FlyMax Re-usable Fly Catcher Twin pack are available in STV’s unique ‘stack-a-pack’ format which makes it easy to create instant displays wherever they are needed.

FlyMax is part of the ZeroIn Summer Insect Control range from STV

To find out more about the Zero In range of outdoor insect control, go to www.stvuk.com

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