Clothes moths distress purchases

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The post-pandemic boom in upcycling of furniture and vintage clothing is driving continuous growth of domestic clothes moth infestations and demand for easy-to-use home remedies.
The natural fibres from which good quality, older garments are often made are a perfect place for adult clothes moths to lay their eggs. And left undetected in drawers and wardrobes serious clothes moth infestations will soon result.
The comprehensive nature of STV’s Zero In Clothes Moth Killer range, which monitors, controls, and prevents recurring infestations, has made it a runaway hit with home-users looking to get on top of this damaging domestic pest.
Zero In Clothes Moth Killers provide effective protection of not just clothes, but any household item made with natural fibres, including carpets, rugs, soft furnishing, and curtains.

DIY, housewares, and hardware retailers are a default purchase point for the clothes moth product, and STV is encouraging retail partners to stock up now to meet peak Autumn demand, as people pull out their winter woollies only to discover damage caused by clothes moth larvae.

The full Zero In Clothes Moth Killer range is featured in STV’s new-season Autumn/Winter catalogue, available on request or for download.

There are attractive pre-season deals and special offers available from leading national wholesalers including Decco, Stax, and Home Hardware.

Zero In Clothes Moth Killers are part of a range of speciality insect control products available under the Zero In brand, including flea, carpet beetle, bed bug, and woodworm treatments. Zero In is the UK’s fastest growing insect control brand, now generating over £20 million of retail sales a year.

So make the most of your household pest control sales this Autumn with the Zero In Moth Killer range. For further assistance please contact us at:

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