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Sustainability is a key topic for many consumers, a trend that has only been growing over time. With the recent Intergovernmental Panel Climate Change (IPCC) report and the upcoming UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) event in Glasgow at the end of October, it has never been more prominent in people’s minds.

With so much focus on sustainability, suppliers of Christmas trees - such as market-leaders Premium Christmas Trees - are utilising the opportunity to tell retailers and consumer alike more information on how these festive favourites tap into the sustainable agenda.

Real versus artificial

The British Christmas Tree Growers Association quotes The Carbon Trust who say that a real Christmas tree (even without roots) has a “much lower” carbon footprint than an artificial tree, particularly when disposed of thoughtfully. A two-metre Christmas tree made from plastic has a carbon footprint of around 40kg of CO2, over 10 times greater than that of a real tree. To put this into context, this means that an artificial tree would need to be used for a minimum of 10 years before its environmental impact was to be lower than that of real trees that are disposed of through burning; assuming it was made to last that long.

The environmental benefits of a real tree

Unlike artificial trees, real Christmas trees also naturally absorb CO2, acting as a vital source of carbon capture during their 10 – 12 years of growth, in turn releasing vital oxygen back into the atmosphere. The Soil Association also highlights how a real tree provides a habitat for wildlife, making them a vital part of the fight to protect the ecosystem and native species.

A pot grown tree re-planted after Christmas would have an even better story to tell.

Premium Christmas Trees is also proud to confirm that its trees are almost entirely British grown, meaning they not only arrive with the retailer in a shorter period of time after harvest, but they have also travelled a much shorter distance than an imported tree from the continent.

Premium Christmas Trees’ sustainability pledge

Premium Christmas Trees’ team has been working hard on its sustainability pledge; a pledge designed to give retailers and consumers confidence in the products they buy. Premium Christmas Trees has reviewed its entire operation and made changes where possible to meet its brand commitment to have a positive impact on the planet. This includes:

  • To keep the ‘field to home’ mileage as low as possible, all Premium Christmas Trees trees are transported directly from the plantation to the retailer and not via any depots or distribution hubs.  To achieve this the team use advanced load and route planning tools to avoid excess mileage.       
  • All the company’s trees are purpose grown as a horticultural crop, not felled from established forest woodlands.
  • Premium Christmas Trees plant at least two trees and, in some areas, up to 10 trees for every one harvested.
  • The team use specialists for everything it grows. The combined experience and historical data enable Premium Christmas Trees to decide which trees to grow where, based on a number of factors including soil type, topography and microclimate. This enables them to minimise the amount of fertiliser and chemicals required.
  • Premium Christmas Trees also offer an increased range of pot grown trees which can be replanted after Christmas, making an ongoing contribution to carbon capture.
  • All Premium Christmas Trees branded labels are made from recyclable PPE.
  • Wherever possible Premium Christmas Trees use biodegradable tree netting.
  • Premium Christmas Trees only sell stands that can be reused time and time again.

The complete pledge has been set out by the Premium Christmas Trees team in a dedicated document which has been shared with its customers and will shortly be published on its website – Recognising that being truly sustainable requires constant assessment, Premium Christmas Trees will continue to review everything it does to ensure the company and its specialist growers remain at the forefront of sustainability in the Christmas tree industry.

Find out more
For more information regarding Premium Christmas Trees’ 2021 offering, please visit or call the team on 01257 793748 to discuss your tree requirements. There is also a dedicated team of sales experts who can be in touch or come to visit retailers nationwide.

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