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The sun might be high in the sky but for many retailers Christmas is starting to sneak into view again.  One brand that is helping retailers optimise festive sales is Premium Christmas Trees. The supplier has continued to innovate to help retailers meet customer needs, bring to market even more sustainable tree options, plus sales support to help stores to personalise their retail offering. Here the PCT team share details of their 2023 offering.


Slimmer Trees follow trends

In recent years there has been a significant shift towards trees that meet the needs of modern living, especially as ethical consumerism becomes more widely appreciated by UK shoppers. With real trees being celebrated for their environmental benefits when compared to artificial plastic-rich trees, a new generation of real tree cheerleaders has been born. But gone are the days of one-size-fits all. Urban dwellers, apartment living, and even multiple-tree homes have generated an increase in demand for Nordmann slimline trees. Not only has PCT responded to this demand by being the first to introduce the Nordmann Slimline back in 2016, but it has set the benchmark for how slimline trees should best look aesthetically and how they should perform within the retail environment and also within the home.

A great choice for first-time purchasers of real trees, or those where space is at a premium, the Slimline Nordmann is 30% narrower than its namesake thanks to the specialist attention that is required to produce these trees – every tree is hand pruned several times a year from year four before being allowed to fill out in their last growing year. Those retailers that have taken the time to tell this story, supported by Premium Christmas Trees’ video and dedicated point of sale, have been able to successfully charge a premium for these unique trees and meet the needs of an ever changing and growing customer base.   Those retailers that order the trial pallet (30 x 5ft 60 x 6ft) almost always report that they are the first to sell out and significantly increase their order of them in subsequent years.

Elsewhere in the range, Premium Christmas Trees is placing more emphasis on its Silver (Korean) Fir and Fraser Fir trees.

The Fraser Fir has been around in the UK for some time and is loved for its narrow, full shape and wonderful fragrance. Premium Christmas Trees source its Fraser Firs specifically from a remote part of Scotland that is hard to access with machinery, but the ground is perfect for growing this variety, meaning they require very little human intervention in the growing process.

The Korean Fir (sometimes called a silver fir for the end consumer), by comparison, is a more recent arrival in the UK but is already making a name for itself. The tree’s popularity is due to its full shape, lovely scent and its ability to suit smaller spaces. Korean Firs also enjoy a softer needle and very strong needle retention, making them great for those making their first foray into living trees in the home. The inclusion of cones and a blueish colouring to the underside of branches, coupled with an extremely careful growing and handling process, are also helping to increase the popularity of this tree amongst the Instagram generation.  Premium Christmas Trees predicts a bright future for Korean Firs in the UK in coming years and is urging retailers to get ahead of the curve now to ensure they are offering something different. 

Christmas and the cost of living

Whilst inflation may be easing, the cost-of-living crisis isn’t over and for many that means cutting their cloth more efficiently this Christmas. But cost efficiencies don’t have to mean missing out as PCT’s Cost-of-Living Tree proves. Available in a 165cm – 240cm height range and priced at only £12.95. What’s more, they provide a great option for retailers who want to continue offering the real tree experience to their customers who may not feel able to stretch to a premium tree – a great example of responsible and considered retailing.


The most organic Christmas tree

As consumers ask for more and more sustainable solutions, PCT has been working tirelessly to find a solution. The result of this effort is bringing back the Lodge Pole Pine – pruned by hand into a slimmer tree than in years gone by. Grown without herbicides or fertiliser, this new introduction is considered by the team at PCT as being as close to a truly organic Christmas tree as it is possible to be. First introduced to the UK in 1855, the Lodge Pine offers remarkable tolerance to poor soil, meaning it will flourish almost anywhere. Resistant to winter cold, spring frost, exposure, air pollution and internal warm, dry condition, it is also one of the hardiest trees available.  And even more – it has the best needle retention of any tree. Available from 5-8ft and available with a minimum order quantity of just 25.

Personalised care instructions

Launched in 2022 to great success, the 2023 festive season will see PCT return with even more personalised care information. These tailored A5 leaflets – which include bespoke retailer details when the minimum order quantity is reached – are the ideal way to educate consumers on the ‘story’ behind their tree, whilst increasing confidence at the point of sale.

Each A5 leaflet features information that speaks to the consumer, including details on the provenance of their selected tree and complete care instructions. Armed with this information, many of last season’s festive shoppers were secure in the knowledge that their purchasing decision had minimal environmental impact. This in turn helped to strengthen the retailer’s position as an environmentally responsible seller – a win/win for all involved.


Find out more

For more information regarding Premium Christmas Trees’ 2023 offering, please visit or call the team on 01257 793748 to discuss your tree requirements. There is also a dedicated team of sales experts who can be in touch or come to visit retailers nationwide.


Fraser Fir Video

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