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Multi-award-winning German manufacturing brand, LECHUZA has come to the rescue of parents left pulling their hair out whilst trying to keep children entertained and learning during lockdown. Save your locks and give the kids their very own gardening project that lets them grow fun hairstyles, whilst giving their green thumbs a workout with the quirky OJO planter. The first planter to be produced with a PLAYMOBIL design, OJO features the classic LECHUZA self-watering system to support budding gardeners and existing fans, meaning plant care can be child’s play! ‎

OJO resembles the iconic head of a PLAYMOBIL figure, creating a planter that will delight fans of the classic toys and make growing and caring for plants fun and exciting. The pot features a stick-irrigation system and large interactive eyes, which serve as an indicator to show how much water is left in the reservoir. This means children can take responsibility and learn to keep track of the moisture levels in their plants and top-up when necessary. When the interactive eyes turn blue, they know the water reservoir is full.

Available in a choice of six different hair colours – ruby pink, apple green, aquamarine, ocean blue, fire red, and raven black – the OJO pot allows kids to simply swap or mix and match, helping children to experience the world of plants in a playful way. The lightweight planters are UV resistant, so the vivid colours won’t fade over time, and they are also shatterproof, which is ideal when little ones are involved.


What to grow?

‎ Herbs provide a sensory treat for children learning about gardening and might even make kids more willing to try new tastes and flavours if they know they are eating something they grew themselves. Mint, sage, basil, thyme, oregano and tarragon will all grow happily on a sunny windowsill. Kids will have fun watching them grow, sampling the smell or texture and adding to their food - whilst parents can also reap the benefits after a long day (or morning) by snipping a bit here and there to add to their mojito or G&T!

One of the easiest things to grow from seed is cress. For younger children who have never planted anything before, you can’t go wrong with cress seeds. These guaranteed growers are even able germinate on a piece of wet kitchen paper, so imagine how well they will get on in a self-watering LECHUZA pot! Nothing tastes as good as success, especially when your proud child can chop some of their homegrown crop and sprinkle into sandwiches or salads. The other great thing is that cress is such a quick grower, kids can get snipping to give their OJO buddy a crazy haircut and just plant more when it’s looking a bit sparse.

For wacky hairstyles, houseplant favourites, such as the spider plant, Boston fern, snake plant or African violet, could capture the imagination of older children looking for a project, whilst also helping parents achieve the trendy urban jungle aesthetic that is still so popular.

With the self-irrigation system and water level indicators, the pot will supply the plant with just as much water as it needs - which can vary, depending on the variety you choose. Keep children and teenagers learning by getting them to do their own research online or reading a book about houseplants to find out about the health benefits of certain species and also make sure they are providing their potted friend with the right care. ‘The RHS Practical House Plant Book’ and ‘How not to Kill Your Houseplant’ by Veronica Peerless both provide an easy-to-follow guide but there are plenty of options available.

For those parents who don’t have time to source their own seeds or plant and soil – and there are bound to be quite a few feeling that way at the moment – fear not because LECHUZA has done the hard work for you with the OJO Plant Set. The kit has everything kids need to get growing in their OJO pot, including LECHUZA’s own high-quality PON Substrate and organic wheatgrass seeds, which grow quickly into a bushy plant and give OJO a fantastic ‘hair do’. The OJO Plant Set retails at £7.99.

And, at a time, when parents are desperately scouring the internet looking for anything that can hold their children’s attention for more than five minutes, you’ll be pleased to know that the OJO is available to buy and have delivered direct from LECHUZA, as well as a selection of online retailers, including Wayfair, Amazon, Get Potted, and Interismo.

The OJO table planter has an RRP of £24.99. As a treat this month, LECHUZA is also offering 7% off another item in your basket when you buy a planter, plus free delivery on all orders over £30. The promotion will run until February 28, while stocks last.

For more information visit: www.lechuza.co.uk or follow @lechuza.co.uk on Instagram.

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