G Plants launches new 'Grow Your Own' collection

Company: G Plants
  • Indoor Flavours Spicy & Aromatic Grow Set
  • The Sausage Dog Novelty Herb Planters
  • Novelty Dog & Cat Grow Cress Heads
  • BEES™ Gifts Chilli Basalt Bowl

G Plants, a renowned leader in innovative gardening products, is proud to announce the launch of its latest 'Grow Your Own' product line for autumn and winter. This distinctive range presents an excellent opportunity for retailers to introduce a fun and engaging assortment of gardening GYO products to their customers and is a fun and accessible way to grow fresh herbs, spices, and plants at home.

According to a recent GIMA Euromonitor webinar, the 'Grow Your Own' trend in the UK gardening industry experienced a significant growth rate of 13% in 2023. This trend has remained popular across different age groups in the UK, highlighting its sustained appeal and relevance in the market.

With this in mind, G Plants’ 'Grow Your Own' line consists of appealing products that combine ease, and practicality for novice gardeners and a unique gifting opportunity for retailers who can cater to the growing demand for sustainable living and urban farming.

Additions to G Plants GYO Portfolio

For consumers that like the heat, retailers cannot go wrong with the peat free BEES™ Gifts Chilli Basalt Bowl (RRP £10.99) which sees chillis reaching 50,000 on the Scoville heat scale in a contemporary basalt bowl that will fill the home with elegance and style. Its sleek design enhances any setting, making it a popular choice for both experienced and novice gardeners who want to grow fresh chilli in a small space.

The Indoor Flavours Spicy & Aromatic Grow Set (RRP £8.99) caters to those with no outdoor space, offering a windowsill gardening solution for chillis and herb growing. Retailers can provide their customers with everything needed to start a kitchen indoors peat free and is a great impulse buy or gift to bring fresh, homegrown flavours to culinary creations, without leaving the house.

Add a playful touch to indoor gardening with the Novelty Dog & Cat Grow Cress Heads (RRP £8.99). These charming containers allow customers to grow cress seeds with ease, making them appealing to animal lovers and the younger generation of gardeners or children that are starting their green thumb journey.

The Sausage Dog Novelty Herb Planters (RRP £9.49) offer a quirky and creative way to grow parsley, chives, and basil. Retailers can attract customers with these fun planters that provide a touch of humour and practicality, and the choice of parsley, chives or basils make these a must for any kitchen garden or the perfect present for a cook.

Both the French Bulldog (RRP£ 9.99) and Pug Herb Planters (RRP £9.99) offer a charming and enjoyable way to grow herbs even in limited spaces. These playful planters add a touch of character to any herb garden or indoor growing space while enabling customers to cultivate a variety of herbs such as mint, rosemary, and oregano.

The unique designs of the planters, inspired by popular dog breeds, make them eye-catching and delightful, appealing to pet lovers gardening enthusiasts, and novices alike and are ideal for retailers to sell to cater for those with small gardens, windowsills, or kitchen counters, while also making excellent gifts for friends and family.

These new additions join G Plants’ existing popular GYO products including BEES™ Gifts Strawberry Bowls, Climbing Pods and Chilli Fire Bucket.

Daniel Howarth, Managing Director said: “G Plants' new 'Grow Your Own' product line offers a unique opportunity for retailers to diversify their indoor plants category and meet the demand for urban gardening products. With a focus on quality and creativity, these products bring excitement and accessibility to growing your own to even the smallest of spaces and the world of home gardening.”

Retailers interested in stocking G Plants' new Autumn/Winter range are encouraged to contact the G Plants Sales team at sales@gplants.com or phone 01254 790350. For more information about G Plants and its range of Grow Your Own gardening solutions, please visit www.gplants.com

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