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The award-winning collection currently taking the industry by storm, Plantsmith has its sights set on transforming the indoor plant care category in 2022. Maximising its perfect combination of highly-effective horticultural products with chic, on-trend packaging, Plantsmith is offering retailers a dedicated houseplant care range that promises exciting year-round gift opportunities.

Indoor plant care products may not be an obvious gift choice but that's because you haven't laid eyes on the stunning new range from Plantsmith. As indoor gardening continues its upward curve, boosted further by the pandemic, households are spending more than ever on gorgeous greenery. Therefore, the opportunity for retailers to provide customers with a quality, easy-to-use houseplant care range that doubles up as thoughtful gift – designed not only to bring the nation's houseplant enthusiasts joy and treat the foliage in their care but to also look incredibly good whilst doing the job – is far too good to miss.


“Product that will sell well in all houseplant departments”

Plantsmith is making waves in the industry and recently celebrated an impressive double win at the annual GIMA Awards, where its innovative range beat household names like Miracle-Gro and Burgon & Ball to land the top spot in both the Garden Care category and Garden Clothing & Gift category. The panel of judges, which included leading retailers, trend experts and media, were 'wowed' by the range, which they described as, "great-looking and well-executed product that will sell well in all houseplant departments".

No longer will indoor gardeners hurriedly shove bottles, boxes and tubes out of sight. Plantsmith's striking range of quality houseplant care boasts stylish, sustainable packaging that taps into the houseplant aesthetic, with amber glass bottles and elegant labels featuring beautiful botanical prints, meaning users will gladly leave them out on display. From individual 500ml bottles of the brand's miracle-working Fortifying Houseplant Tonic, right up to its exclusive new gift sets, every item across the range is sure to catch the eye of customers on the lookout for something special for the houseplant fanatic in their life – or even as a treat to themselves.

But, as gorgeous as Plantsmith's packaging is, these products are by no means a gimmick. Drawing on more than 40 years of horticultural experience, and with formulations inspired by professional growers, this range of plant care delivers on its promise to bring out the best in houseplants and help foliage thrive.

The company's key aim is to demystify houseplant care, making it easy and accessible for all and helping even the most novice of gardener achieve growing success. As a result, the compact collection comprises six Plantsmith products, all carefully created to feed, nurture, protect and strengthen indoor plants, whilst also ensuring maintenance is straightforward and simple. New exclusive gift sets have also been launched.

Key products in this range are:

Fortifying Houseplant Tonic – Suitable for use on all houseplants and succulents, this professional formulation houseplant food combines 13 essential nutrients, including potassium, magnesium and iron, to nurture indoor plants; helping to produce strong, glossy leaves and encourage the growth of beautiful longer-lasting flowers. This popular 'wonder' product makes plant care a breeze, with the added benefit of a pump dispenser for easy application. Beautifully presented in Plantsmith's iconic striking packaging, it is designed for maximum stand out on shelf. RRP £14.99 for 500ml.

Perfecting Houseplant Care Mist – Promoting good plant health with every spray, this nifty ready-to-use mist utilises natural oils, including lavender and avocado to deter pests, whilst kelp extract and humic acid stimulate cell growth. Suitable for use all houseplants and succulents, the mist is supplied in a chic amber glass spray bottle, adorned with Plantsmith's beautiful botanical artwork, that will stop shoppers in their tracks. RRP £14.99.

For added appeal to environmentally-conscious consumers, a brand new 500ml refill bottle is now available to top up the houseplant mist when needed. The Houseplant Care Mist Eco Refill Bottle (RRP £10.99) is made from a plant-based polymer, sourced from a waste product of sugar cane, plus recycled materials, helping to remove yet more single-use plastic waste from the supply chain.

Invigorating Orchid Care Mist – A top-performing ready-mixed formulation, containing 12 essential nutrients to boost orchid growth and encourage flowering, the mist also uses natural oils to protect against pests and increase plant resilience. Position alongside orchids in your houseplant department for guaranteed linked sales and impulse purchases, as the product's striking, communicative packaging inspires browsers. It's the perfect token for any orchid lover or a thoughtful extra when customers are buying an orchid as a gift. RRP £14.99 for 500ml in a glass spray bottle.

Nurturing Orchid Feed & Tonic – Inspired by the high potash, urea-free formulations used by professional growers, this effective tonic means your customers can give the gift of great results to an orchid lover, wrapped up in a beautiful bottle they will enjoy using. Supplied in show-stopping packaging with imagery and colourways that complement the Invigorating Orchid Care Mist, there is huge potential to co-locate these products on the shop floor, creating additional gifting opportunities and keeping your tills ringing!

RRP £14.99 for 500ml.

Beautifying Leaf Shine Spray – Perfectly pitched for the increasing number of consumers shying away from using chemicals in their home, this 100% plant-based spray harnesses the power of nature to revive and restore luscious leaves on houseplants, helping them to better absorb the sun's rays. Free from palm oil, parabens, and sodium benzoate, the spray conditions leaves with cold-pressed oils and uses grapefruit extract to provide natural anti-fungal protection. Supplied in a handy, yet elegant, amber glass spray bottle. RRP £14.99 for 500ml.

Protecting Bug Control Spray – Also set to appeal directly to gardeners seeking chemical-free alternatives, this game-changing product is a natural, ready-to-use spray, designed to protect plants against the most common pests, including red spider mites, whitefly, scale insects, and greenfly. The non-toxic formula works via physical action, rather than chemical action and protects against mildew diseases too. The spray also contains nutrients to strengthen houseplants that might have been weakened by previous attacks. Forget plastic bottles in garish primary colours! This 'plant saviour', presented in Plantsmith's signature stylish packaging, will make any grudge purchase an absolute pleasure. Just when you thought pest control couldn't look sexy…

And, it's not just the expert user who will delight in this range. With a notable surge in popularity online of the phrase, 'plant murderer' or 'plant killer' – the latter of which is currently tagged in more than 42,000 posts on Instagram – the market is undeniably crying out for straightforward solutions that can help prevent a host of millennials and Gen Z from inadvertently killing any greenery that crosses their threshold.

With that in mind, Plantsmith has cleverly brought together two of its hero products to create a gift set that provides a complete, easy-to-use houseplant care system in one box.

The Houseplant Care Gift Set contains one bottle of Fortifying Houseplant Tonic – designed to feed and boost growth – plus a bottle of Perfecting Houseplant Mist, which promotes good health and protects houseplants from pests. Beautifully presented in an attractive gift box, and with packaging that any recipient will be proud to show off, this clever kit is guaranteed to fly off the shelves. RRP £29.99.

With indoor plant sales showing no sign of slowing, now is the perfect time to capitalise on the exciting new opportunities this inspired collection can create in your retail business. So often, houseplants are a significant investment for consumers, which is why exclusive new lines that help take the guesswork out of maintenance, whilst also presenting a host of significant gift opportunities, will serve to boost your bottom line, as well as your customers' confidence.

All products can be ordered via and delivered within 3-to-4 working days. This means there is still plenty of time to get Plantsmith on shelf and maximise key selling periods, including Christmas and even the New Year, when people say goodbye to their Christmas tree and are on the hunt for more greenery in their home. Minimum order quantities are small, at just 12 bottles or six gift sets.

Retailers can access trade information and prices via the Plantsmith website. Simply submit your email and you will be sent a password to access the trade area. Alternatively, email

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Plantsmith is on a mission to demystify houseplant care and help indoor gardeners get the very best out of their greenery, with effective products that make maintenance quick and easy.

Founded by houseplant enthusiast Nick Jackson, the company draws on decades of experience from its horticultural experts, which include Nick's father, Richard Jackson, whose career in the garden industry spans 40 years and has seen him awarded both the Garden Retail Lifetime Achievement Award and Garden Media Guild Lifetime Achievement Award.

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