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  • Gro-sure Visiroot 4 Cell Deep Kit
  • Westland Gro-Sure Visiroot Cell Trays

Horticulture is by its very nature a ‘green’ industry and Westland is doubling down on efforts across all categories to deliver sustainable success.  For both novice and well-versed gardeners, the Visiroot propagation range allows gardeners to use recycled plastic, whilst also getting increased performance. It makes great growing even clearer to see, and that in turn means better results.

The performance comes from the transparent rPET material, making roots visible to the eye enabling gardeners to easily check root growth and moisture levels without disturbing the plant. The specially developed UV filtering green tint, also ensures that the roots of the germinating plants are not damaged by direct sunlight. 

Additionally, unlike other cell trays on the market, the integrated moisture bridge technology ensures even water and nutrient transfer across the cells.  The Visiroot range is recyclable in all homes through kerbside collections, as all UK councils consistently recycle rPET. rPET is also incredibly strong and easy to handle, ensuring success year-after-year.

The addition of the Visiroot Deep Root Cell Kit is ideal for growing plants like beans and Sweet Peas that benefit from a deep root system. The unique cells are easy to open for transplanting without any root disturbance and as they are made of the same rPET material as the rest of the Visiroot range, they are durable for repeated use. Available as both a starter kit with propagator and cell inserts.

Martin Ward - Senior Westland Brand Manager comments, “With such increased demand in the home gardening and grow-your-own sector, we wanted to make the journey for all gardeners as easy as possible. We feel the Visiroot range offers just that, from a variety of different propagators, and growing kits, we have everything to help consumers on their growing journey.  This isn't the end of the journey, not only will we transition all of our propagation range into Visiroot technology. Visiroot becomes the heart of a new Gro-Sure ® growing system, incorporating Gro-Sure ® Seed and Cutting Compost, and Gro-Sure ® Perlite and Vermiculite.

The response to Visiroot from the customers we have seen during the summer has been incredible, we are very excited about the opportunity that this range brings to the growing category - we believe it will make ‘grow-your-own’ accessible for everyone.”

Available in pre-loaded display units (full pallets and ¼ pallets) with informative point of sale, it can be rolled directly onto the shop floor to create true standout at store level.  Displays will be available across all propagators, seed trays and inserts.    


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