Westland launches Boost all purpose compost

Company: Westland

Westland Horticulture is announcing the launch of a brand-new peat free compost, Boost All Purpose Compost, specifically crafted to be the perfect partner to its Boost All Purpose Liquid Plant Feed.


Less hassle, more blooms for your customers

Westland is tackling the challenges faced by consumers when using peat free compost in containers and baskets head-on, with the introduction of the Boost All Purpose Compost that features patented West+2 Moisture Lock Technology™. This proprietary technology helps to retain and lock in moisture. To further support this, Boost compost also includes water-storing granules and a surfactant that makes it easier for customers to rewet if it has been left to dry out. These guarantee optimal plant health, whilst combatting the inconvenience consumers face when attempting to keep their containers moist throughout the summer.


Multi item baskets

Following the success of Boost All Purpose Liquid Plant Food, which has been the fastest growing plant food in the market, Westland is once again revolutionising the market. The new Boost All Purpose compost, available in 46l bags, is now available via Westland Live.  

Understanding the importance of educating consumers to feed their plants when using peat free composts, Westland has crafted an eye-catching packaging and point-of-sale solution that encourages shoppers to consider purchasing feed at the same time as compost.  The Boost All Purpose compost helps to keep plants hydrated. Boost All Purpose Liquid Feed has been proven to give gardeners 4x more blooms**. Together, these will help plants reach their full potential.

Helen Amos, Head of Category, at Westland, commented: "Innovation is at the heart of our business, and our latest peat free Boost All Purpose Compost is a testament to that. We understand the challenges many consumers face with container gardening, particularly with peat free, and our technology in both our compost and plant feed ensures plants stay hydrated and get the nutrients they need to thrive.”


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