Spotlight on wildflowers and flowers to attract wildlife

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  • Bellflower
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  • Sea Campion

British native wildflowers and wildlife attracting flowers have been a real focus of interest in recent years and Mr Fothergill’s have responded to this with an even greater choice of seeds of these popular varieties. 25 native wildflowers are available in the range and these have been combined with a selection of 27 cultivated flower varieties on a compact feature hot spot display.

As well as providing an attractive display, wildflowers are great for attracting an array of wildlife including bees, butterflies, and other beneficial insects and birds. Examples include:

Bellflower Wildflower (RRP 2.55 for 250 seeds) is a cheery native perennial which flowers the year after sowing. Producing royal blue flowers which are highly attractive to bumblebees. It is ideal for dry borders and heavy soils, especially areas which are left to grow wild.

Forget Me Not (Field) (RRP £2.15 for 500 seeds) is a delightful plant which is celebrated in folklore. It is easy to grow and produces a carpet of tiny blue flowers. Not only does it provide early colour for borders and wild areas, but it makes an attractive groundcover between spring flowering bulbs.

Corn Marigold (£2.40 for 500 seeds) is rare in the wild. It can be sown where it is to flower. Easy and reliable, abundant in days gone by. Ideal for naturalising, it thrives in sunny, open spaces.

Sea Campion (RRP £2.15 for 250 seeds) with its distinctive swollen sepals makes an ideal plant for containers, path edging, rock gardens and edging wildlife areas where they will attract many pollinators. It is robust and resilient, as it is mainly found growing wild on coastal gravel beds, rocky outcrops and cliff tops.

Across the entire collection prices range from £1.85 to £3.60.

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