Portfolio expansion for market leading brand, Provanto®.

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Season 2024 will see the launch of new concentrate insecticide Provanto® Smart Bug Killer Concentrate in the UK, expanding the plant protection offering from market leading brand* Provanto®.

A concentrated insecticide, Provanto® Smart Bug Killer Concentrate is the sister product of the revolutionary Provanto® Smart Bug Killer Ready to Use that was launched by SBM in 2019. It kills pests on contact but also works systemically from inside the plant to control any future attack for up to 8 weeks. Pests, such as aphids, whiteflies and scales stop feeding after one to two hours and results are visible after one day.

Angharad James, Product Manager for the Provanto® range states “the launch of Provanto® Smart Bug Killer Ready to Use was the first innovation the industry had seen in this category for many years, and a lot of investment and resources had been put into its development, so I am delighted that we can add to this with the launch of a concentrated product too”.

“The Provanto® brand is at the core of our ecosystem at SBM, and we continue to lead the market with our range of insecticide and fungicide products. Our ambition has always been to help consumers protect their outdoor spaces, and get the very best from what they grow, and you will see more of this as the seasons unfold”.

To learn more about Provanto® Smart Bug Killer Concentrate visit www.seezon.co.uk or contact your local sales representative.


*GfK Panelmarket exlcluding Ironmongers, Aerial Outdoor Insecticides Value and Volume Jul22 – Jun23.

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