Phostrogen® launches a new line of organic plant food products

Company: SBM Lifescience

The iconic plant food brand, Phostrogen®, which has been helping British gardens grow for 60 years, has launched a new line of organic plant food products.

Available to stockist in January 2022, the range includes an Organic All Purpose Plant Food, Organic Tomato Food, Organic Lawn Food, and Organic Ericaceous Plant Food, meeting the growing consumer demand for organic products in the gardening sector.

The launch will enable retailers to offer customers an array of organic fertilisers with the trust and reliability of Phostrogen®, which is known and loved for its original All Purpose Plant Food.

Certified by the Organic Farmers & Growers Association (OF&G), the Organic All Purpose Plant Food will be available in both granules and liquid, allowing customers to choose from two convenient concentrates, while the Organic Lawn Food and Organic Ericaceous Food will be available in granules and the Organic Tomato Food available in liquid.

Each of the new product formulas contain the key nutrients needed to help gardeners grow bigger plants, better blooms and more vegetables, and are also enriched with seaweed to stimulate growth.

The slow-releasing solutions feed plants for up to 100 days, and importantly are child, pet and bee friendly.

The launches also coincide with the rebrand of Phostrogen®’s popular All Purpose Plant Food, which will unveil a fresh, modern look for the iconic original fertiliser.

James Ramnought, Head of Marketing for Phostrogen®, commented on the launch: “We are thrilled to introduce our range of new organic plant food products. Phostrogen® has been a leading brand in the sector for 60 years, and we have seen a significant rise in organic gardening in recent years.

“The new launch will open up a whole new market for our retail partners, allowing stockists to offer a full range to organic gardeners, while continuing to supply our tried and trusted All Purpose Plant Food.”

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