New Peat Free Seed Compost launched by Mr Fothergill's

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  • Enriched seed compost

This season sees the launch of Mr Fothergill’s Enriched Seed Compost, formulated to ensure success when growing from seed, with displays designed to locate the compost alongside seed stands in garden retail stores, promoting linked and impulse sales.

A blend of coconut husk fibres

The compost is 100% peat free being a blend of coconut husk fibres (a waste by-product of coconut processing) with added slow-release nutrients to ensure healthy seed germination and seedling development.

The formula also includes powdered seaweed, a natural growth stimulant and source of micronutrients.

Mr Fothergill’s Enriched Seed Compost is supplied as a dry, compressed block making it light and convenient for shipping, display and purchasing.

In just 5 minutes…

The blending and forming process means it is free of weeds and pests. To rehydrate to its 10 litres usable state it just needs 4 litres of clean water to be added in the bag provided. In just 5 minutes the water is taken up and with a little mixing is ready.

“The compost formulation is the result of months of trials and testing to get the blend of coir and balance of nutrients just right for seed germination”, says Ian Cross, Head of Retail Marketing. Adding, “our trials team have been very impressed with this compost, from the texture to the results they are getting”.

Each compost block has a suggested retail price of £4.99 and is supplied in trade cases of 20 units. The display stand is available free of charge with any order of 4 outers or more and is designed to fit alongside any run of Mr Fothergill’s seeds, placing it in the ideal location.

The compost was officially launched at the Garden Press Event in late February and has already been listed in over 450 garden centres, Robert Dyas and B&M stores.

Contact if you would like a sample of this new compost to try for yourself.

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