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Spades and forks are essential tools in a gardener’s armory, a part of any gardener’s life, but it is important consumers choose the best one for the job, and for the gardener. For those with smaller gardens, or perhaps even just raised beds, traditionally sized tools may prove to be too large to manoeuvre comfortably and effectively. Similarly, full-sized tools may prove too heavy or unwieldy for some. Wilkinson Sword has the solution with a range of compact sized tools that are small, but perfectly formed to get the job done whatever the garden or gardener.


Stainless Steel Compact Spade and Fork

The Compact Spade and Fork both benefit from a smaller, weather-proofed wooden ash handle with a double riveted strapped socket for extra strength and practicality. Made from mirror polished rust resistant stainless steel, ensuring they will remain in peak condition for years. The ideal tools for working in smaller, more confined areas.

Stainless Steel Planting Spade

A new Planting Spade featuring a narrow head which makes planting and working on fence posts, quick and easy, especially for gardeners negotiating tight spaces.

The tool has a double riveted strapped socket providing extra strength and the wooden ash handle is weatherproof, smooth and practical with a traditional D-handle. With a shaft length of 102cm and a tapered smooth head with tread plates, it is the most efficient and effective way for planting out.

Stainless Steel Perennial Spade

The Perennial Spade has been developed for use in confined areas and specific tasks like splitting perennials but also makes working in and around borders or confined areas easier.

The Compact T-Handle offers a variety of ways to hold and use depending on the task at hand or the most comfortable position. Easy to handle when kneeling and working in beds, planters, splitting perennials or just as a small spade.

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