Mr Fothergill’s new seed introductions for 2021/22 season

Company: Mr Fothergill's
  • Tomato Merrygold F1
  • Poppy Black Swan
  • Basil Dolce Vita
  • Coreopsis Incredible! Swirl

Supporting Fleuroselect’s Year of the Poppy and Basil in 2022, Mr Fothergill’s has added new varieties to its existing selection. Poppy Black Swan (RRP £1.85 for 750 seeds) is highly ornamental poppy with glossy petals. A show-stopper with its frilly deepest burgundy blooms standing proudly above fine grey-green foliage. New and exclusive Basil Dolce Vita (RRP £2.15 for 300 seeds) has large and tender, extra fragrant leaves. A refined variety of the large leaved classic basil. Perfect for full-flavoured pesto, pasta, salads and sauces.

Award winning variety Coreopsis Incredible! Swirl (RRP £1.45 for 200 seeds) produces uniquely coloured flowers with contrasting dark centres. Tall and airy plants are ideal planted in mixed borders where the graceful stems and delicate blooms sway in the slightest breeze. New and exclusive Sweet Pea Primrose (RRP £2.55 for 20 seeds) has a lovely, unusual pale yellow colour and large flowers on long stems. It is a vigorous free flowering climber with a good scent, great for cutting. Perfect for Pollinators, Eryngium planum (RRP £3.10 for 100 seeds) is a resilient evergreen producing dramatic heads and leaves which provide interest all year round.

For early crops, British bred Broccoli (Sprouting) White Sprouting Burbank F1 (RRP £3.10 for 150 seeds) could be a perfect gardener’s choice. It produces high yields of tender succulent spears with outstanding flavour. Reliable autumn/early winter variety of Leek Autora F1 (RRP £3.60 for 30 seeds) can be grown in all regions. It is a rust resistant cultivar that holds well in the ground. Non-bulbing with a delicious, mild flavour. High quality, broad, tapering roots of Carrot Nerac F1 (RRP £2.55 for 350 seeds) makes it a reliable variety that stores well the whole winter. The roots are crunchy, sweet and juicy. This ‘James Scarlet Intermediate’ type is very productive and tasty.

Other new varieties include Agastache Astello Indigo (RRP £1.45 for 20 seeds), Cosmos Apricotta (RRP £2.55 for 30 seeds), Tomato Consuelo F1 (RRP £3.60 for 10 seeds), Tomato Merrygold F1 (RRP £2.80 for 10 seeds) and Tomato Supersteak F1 (RRP £2.15 for 10 seeds).

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