Mindful plant care in the house and garden

Company: Gardena UK
  • 360° function - even coverage from every angle
  • Soft Sprayer - gentle watering of seedlings and delicate plants
  • Mindful plant care with the new range of GARDENA Pump and Pressure sprayers

Market trends show an increased focus on grow your own and sustainable, natural solutions for plant protection. Gardens must not only look good, but be healthy too. GARDENA’s new range of pump and pressure sprayers include a nylon filter* which strains any organic home-brewed plant treatments, allowing you to treat pests in a more sustainable way.

The GARDENA sprayers can be used both indoor and outdoor year round, for propagation, watering, spraying, fertilising, plant protection and cleaning.
Available in sizes from 0.45L to 12L capacity, the range now offers improved features like:

  • A 360° function, ensuring an even spray coverage from all angles
  • An insertable filter for filling self-brewed liquids
  • A second opening with a 3- in-1 function: admixture scale, filling and emptying without wet hands
  • EasyPump Battery solution - no pumping required on certain models, perfect for plant misting

The Battery solution is available in a 1l and a 5L model, and offers the user an ergonomic experience when performing continuous spraying jobs. Hand fatigue is significantly reduced, as the user simply holds down the trigger for a continuous spray, which is particularly useful for anyone who suffers from a condition like Arthritis or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

The range is supported instore with a display stand that holds a combination of various models. It is also included in features in print advertorials in leading gardening magazines.

To find out more about the GARDENA pressure sprayers range, visit www.gardena.com/uk or speak to your local GARDENA Field Sales team

*Nylon filter included in the 5L and 12L models

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