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With the debate recurring over perennial ryegrass in lawn mixtures in the press recently, the UK’s most trusted and oldest lawn seed brand is highlighting the benefits of its use in mixtures within its product portfolio along with fescues and bents.

The perennial ryegrasses in Johnsons mixtures are the product of decades of grass breeding and research specifically for lawns and other amenity uses. The perennial ryegrasses used by farmers are derived from entirely different breeding programs designed for different characteristics. Johnsons has meticulously trialled varieties of amenity perennial ryegrass, fescues and bents, all native species to the UK, to ensure their suitability for our climate. In addition to their own trials, they have worked directly with customers to see which mixtures and species work best in lawns.

The extensive research and development conducted by parent company, DLF, has resulted in innovatively crafted seed mixes that offer the best of both ryegrass and non-ryegrass species. By combining the unique characteristics of multiple species of grass, all of Johnsons’ products ensure adaptability to various environmental conditions, foot traffic and pet damage, meaning homeowners' have success in maintaining vibrant, natural lawns.

The very reason for mixing grass species is to enable them to adapt to a broad range of environmental pressures. Lawns can endure all kinds of stress in a small area, including foot traffic and general wear, animal urine, deep shade, prolonged drought, and close mowing. The mixed seeds of each Johnson's formulas adapt to these challenges so that in one area fescues will prosper and, in other conditions, ryegrass.

Fescue is an element of many Johnson Lawn Seed mixes, except Tuffgrass and Quick Fix. This is a good seed to mix with perennial ryegrass because it germinates quickly and will not be overwhelmed by other species. Fescue grass has many benefits, including its exceptional drought resistance, deep roots, and low maintenance requirements, which make it an attractive option for areas prone to dry spells or for busy gardeners seeking hassle-free lawn care. Fescue grass also has a dense growth pattern that naturally suppresses weeds, reducing the need for herbicides and promoting a healthier lawn.

Both the fescues and bents used in Johnson’s Lawn Seed mixes have several advantages, including shade tolerance, adaptability to various soil types and environmental conditions, erosion control capabilities, and resistance to certain lawn diseases. They also require less maintenance compared to other grass varieties, with slower growth rates and less frequent mowing needs.

When used in Johnsons’ mixtures, the fine texture of fescue and bent creates an attractive lawn appearance and is included in their complementary attributes, allowing for a well-balanced combination of shade tolerance, drought resistance, overall durability and visually appealing lawns.

Johnsons Lawn Seed mixes

Tuffgrass with Dog Patch Resistance: Designed for families and pet owners, this grass seed mix is resistant to dog urine, maintaining its green colour. It can withstand family use, low temperatures, snow, and drought. Uses dog patch-resistant, fine-leaved dwarf perennial ryegrass.

Quick Lawn with Accelerator: Ideal for those seeking fast results, this formulation delivers 38% more grass within the first week compared to standard seed. The Accelerator treatment enhances water absorption and germination speed, while the seed coating contains bio-stimulants for a quick start. Contains fine-leaved dwarf perennial ryegrass, strong creeping red fescue and slender creeping red fescue.

Lawn Thickener with Seedbooster: Targeted at consumers dealing with lawn damage from winter flooding and spring drought, this offers rapid germination with 30% more grass. The Seedbooster coating on the fine-leaved dwarf perennial ryegrass aids in quick growth and includes a bird deterrent.

Shady Place Lawn: Geared towards cultivating lawns in dry or damp shade, this seed promises excellent quality and drought tolerance, addressing challenging growing conditions. Made up of hard fescue, strong and slender creeping red fescue and brown top bent, this is ideal for customers who want to seed areas beneath trees and next to high walls and hedges.

Luxury Lawn:  Responding to the trend of lawns as outdoor focal points, this mix produces lush, green lawns suitable for close mowing. It appeals to consumers seeking a manicured, deluxe lawn appearance and is a traditional fescue and brown top bent mixture.

Guy Jenkins, Consumer Manager at Johnsons Lawn Seed said: “The inclusion of different species in Johnsons Lawn Seed’s innovative mixes brings a host of benefits that go beyond just aesthetics. From improved durability to environmental advantages, these grass varieties have been researched and tested by our DLF experts and work together to create a healthy and visually appealing lawn that homeowners can enjoy for years to come.”

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