Kent & Stowe’s Autumn promotional offers designed to boost sales this season

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  • 3 in 1 Rake
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Kent & Stowe, renowned for its high-quality gardening tools that help gardeners achieve extraordinary results, is thrilled to present an array of enticing offers to support garden retailers this autumn. As the cooler days approach, these promotions are designed to encourage the nation to keep on gardening and ensure retailers reap the benefits of increased consumer activity.

Autumn is a pivotal season for gardeners, who are busy preparing their gardens for winter and planning for next year’s blooms. Kent & Stowe’s autumn promotional collection includes must-have tools that make these tasks easier and more enjoyable for consumers.

Bulb Planting Made Easy

This is the perfect season for consumers to prepare their gardens for glorious bulb display next spring, and the Kent & Stowe Large Hand Bulb Planter is a must-have for effortless planting. Garden centres can maximise their sales with the ‘buy two outers and get one outer of kneeler pads FOC’ offer. Additionally, the award-winning Long-Handled Bulb Planter, available at a special RRP, ensures a comfortable, back-friendly planting experience.


Simpler Leaf Management Solutions

As daylight hours decrease, gardeners face the daunting task of managing falling leaves. Kent & Stowe has introduced special RRPs on three of its premium rakes. The Ultimate Leaf Rake now with a Fibre Glass Handle boasts a flexible 30-inch extra-wide head, perfect for heavy-duty jobs. Additionally, the innovative 3 in 1 Rake, has a flexible and detachable head making it an essential multi-purpose tool for autumn. At full size, it clears large areas with ease, the flexible heads make it easy to fit into tighter spaces, or remove the head all together to create a separate leaf grabber.


Pruning Ahead of Winter

Pruning is top of mind for many gardeners in autumn, and Kent & Stowe’s selection of cutting tools on special RRP are set to meet this demand. Garden centres can offer their customers top-tier traditional secateurs, loppers, and hedge shears, ensuring they have the best tools for preparing their gardens for winter.


Maximise Sales with Kent & Stowe's Autumn Promotions

These exclusive offers provide garden centre retailers with an excellent opportunity to boost their sales this autumn. By stocking up on Kent & Stowe’s high-quality tools, retailers can meet the seasonal demands of gardeners and inspire them to maintain their gardening activities throughout the cooler months.

In common with all Westland products, Kent & Stowe tools and accessories can be ordered 24/7 via Westland Live, and frequent top-ups are easy as part of a Westland weekly delivery. Scan here to login in or sign up. To benefit from the in-store POS and display units contact your Westland Account Manager.

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