Kent & Stowe Surecut: Tackling theft to maximise profit

Company: Westland Horticulture

The Kent & Stowe SureCut range was launched at Glee 2023, engineered to drive garden centre profit through extraordinary design and innovative features like the Reflex Energy System that minimises effort and maximises comfort.

Shrinkage, or to put it bluntly, theft, from garden centres is at an all time high, estimated by the Horticultural Trades Association at £16m over the last 12 months, with over 70% of garden centres affected.

Manufacturers have a role to play in reducing this impact and protecting retailer profit. That's why from launch in December 2023, all SureCut products have been designed with packaging featuring a hidden RF security tag.

Easily deactivated at the till, it's another reason why the extraordinary tools from Kent & Stowe are the right choice.

Guaranteed for a minimum of 5 years, the Kent & Stowe Surecut range starts at £19.99. Surecut Loppers and Shears are priced from £29.99. The full range will be available from the 1st December 2023.

In common with all Westland products Kent & Stowe tools can be ordered 24/7 via Westland Live, and frequent top-ups are easy as part of a Westland weekly delivery.

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