Introducing the new Apta Planting Bench

Company: Apta

Introducing: The all-new Apta Planting Bench

What’s included: 3 product ‘zones’:

  • Apta pots & planters
  • Kelkay Horticulture grits & sands
  • Seasonal plants

The concept: This new merchandising display is designed to offer multiple benefits for both retailers and consumers.

  • Increase the average basket spend by making shopping easier – by recognising shopper psychology, Apta has cleverly presented three complementary product groups in one handy location. Consumers can ‘buy the look’ or simply feel more confident in their purchase through the power of add-on sales, simple how-to advice and inspirational visuals adorning the supporting weather-proof corex signage. Gone are the days when shoppers ‘just buy a pot’. Instead, they are buying a concept that, foolproof in its approach, helps to create a new generation of gardeners, whilst enabling plants to thrive with the correct care and attention.
  • Maximising retail footprint – at just 4m2, Apta’s latest merchandiser packs a punch. With the ability to be stocked with Apta pots, including the option to include a multitude of sizes, styles and colourways, plus handy packs of Kelkay horticulture grits and sands, the display is already offering significant value. Add in the fact that plants are also accommodated, and it quickly becomes a highly cost-effective solution. From one stand, consumers can shop across three product categories; something so few other merchandisers can boast.
  • Keep stock refreshed to showcase seasonal planting – consumer favourites, seasonal bestsellers, or even those hard-to-sell or unusual plants, can all find their home on Apta’s Planting Bench. The joy of this merchandising display is the flexibility of what can be showcased. Plants and pots can be co-ordinated, seasonal displays can be created to drive impulse sales, or why not showcase trend-led displays featuring the ‘hot’ colours, styles, and foliage?

Caroline Elliott, Product & Marketing Director at the AMES Companies said: “The Apta Planting Bench has been created to provide retailers with a functioning merchandising display. This isn’t about just sitting and looking pretty, instead it’s designed to work hard and offer flexibility that drives sales throughout the year. The option to stock multiple products with varying price points means there is a sales configuration for all types of shoppers.”


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To stay up to date with all things Apta, including accessing the dedicated trade portal where you will find a comprehensive image library, POS guide and Product Database alongside the 2024 catalogue, please visit Further details about the AMES Companies by visiting


Kelkay’s Horticulture Grit & Sands offering

This essential range offers everything gardeners need to tackle both large and small jobs, with large and handy bags available for the full range. The current offering is made up of:

  • Horticultural Grit Sand
  • Horticultural Silver Sand
  • Horticultural Sharp Sand
  • Horticultural Washed Gravel
  • Horticultural Potting Grit
  • Horticultural Alpine Grit
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