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Following the poor weather over the summer last year, and the UK Met Office declaring that December 2023 was warmer and wetter than average, consumer’s lawns are crying out for attention.  While a mild winter might sound appealing to some, our ever more unpredictable weather patterns are bad news for the UK’s lawns with compacted, waterlogged grass and moss taking hold. Johnsons Lawn Seed is urging retailers to take advantage of its highly regarded portfolio to help pent-up consumers who want to give their gardens some TLC for 2024.

With prolonged rainfall and flooding increasing, garden centres should start preparing for the growing demand for quality seed for the spring lawncare cycle and meet surging customer demand.  Consumer Manager at Johnsons Lawn Seed, Guy Jenkins said: “With homeowners getting their lawns back into peak condition becoming a top priority, Johnsons Lawn Seed products will provide retailers with top-tier seed mixtures designed to enhance grass health, prevent moss growth, and promote lush, vibrant lawns. “

Retail potential with Johnson's Lawn Seed Products

Backed by extensive research and a commitment to sustainability, Johnson's Lawn Seed products boast superior germination rates. From hardy blends for robust lawns to specialised mixes designed for specific garden conditions, each product reflects Johnson's dedication to quality and innovation. 

Quick Lawn with Accelerator-treated seed: Experience rapid germination and fast establishment with this seed. It requires only a third of the typical water amount for new lawns, ensuring quick and efficient lawn growth.

Tuffgrass with Dog Patch Resistance: A unique blend of fine-leaved dwarf perennial ryegrass doesn't turn yellow when dogs urinate, making it a sought-after choice for families, garden enthusiasts, and pet owners. Not only does it resist dog-related damage, but it also stands up to family activities, excelling in low temperatures and snow while displaying improved drought resistance.

Luxury Lawn with SeedBooster: A classic mix designed for close mowing, offering a lush, high-class appearance with exceptional drought resistance.

After Moss: Coated in a special calcium carbonate-based shell, this seed gently raises soil pH levels, deterring moss return after application.

Lawn Thickener Lawn Seed with SeedBooster: Transform tired lawns, fix patches, and sow new lawns with the latest seed technology. Consumers can benefit from a 30% increase in grass density.

Shady Place: Ideal for semi and relatively shaded areas, this seed thrives in both damp and dry shade, ensuring a vibrant lawn in challenging environments.


The Johnsons Promise

Lawn seed is a fundamental, essential product for any garden retailer. Year after year, households depend on it to establish, enhance, and restore the lawns that play a pivotal role in maximising the enjoyment of their gardens. Johnsons is unwavering in its commitment to delivering superior quality with its lawn seed products. By prioritising this in every aspect of production, Johnsons remains dedicated to providing lawn enthusiasts with the finest seeds, ensuring lush and vibrant lawns that meet and exceed expectations. 

Retailers can expect:

Premium Quality: Our lawn seed formulas are meticulously selected for their superior quality, ensuring a vibrant and healthy lawn for customers.

Tried and tested varieties: From drought-resistant blends to shade-tolerant options, our diverse range of lawn seed varieties caters to different soil types and climates, providing solutions for every customer.

Expert Advice: The Johnsons team is committed to supporting retailers with expert guidance on product selection, merchandising strategies, and customer engagement on the benefits of real lawns over artificial grass,

Attractive and Informative Packaging: Eye-catching packaging and informative labelling make Johnsons’ products stand out on store shelves, enticing customers to make informed purchasing decisions. Seed packaging now includes colour-coded varieties, simplified instructions available through a QR code, and a convenient lawn sowing calendar for quick customer reference.


Unrivalled customer service

Johnsons Lawn Seed has established an exceptional reputation in the market by offering an unparalleled range of high-quality products and outstanding customer service. We understand that aftercare advice and a fully stocked warehouse are essential for retailers to achieve sales success, and we make sure to offer both.


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