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As the AMES Companies continues to bring to market more and more gardening expertise through its market leading product portfolios, whilst also futureproofing its heritage brands, it will come as no surprise that the company has also improved its facilities for customers. The brand new trade portals – dedicated to each brand - are now live and offer 24/7 access to multi-layered asset libraries to support sales.

Designed to build a closer relationship with its customers

Representative of efforts that the AMES Companies is undertaking to support its customers throughout every step of the retailer journey, these new dedicated portals, available for the Kelkay, Apta, La Hacienda, Easy Fountain and all-new AMES Tools brands, provide everything retailers need to easily find, list and sell every product from every brand.

Each portal includes access to the 2024 AMES catalogue, image libraries full of lifestyle and cutout imagery that’s perfect for use in marketing content and social media campaigns. You can also find POS guides and product databases, which provides information on everything from barcodes to short and long product descriptions, available colourways, dimensions and key features and benefits.

Where applicable, instruction manuals and product guides are also featured, enabling retailers to become experts on key products or to share with consumers to support their shopping experience.

Caroline Elliot, Product & Marketing Director at the AMES Companies said: “As our brand portfolios continue to expand, with new product offerings and new range presentations, the introduction of the new trade portals could not have come at a better time. Curated to offer everything retailers need to maximise sales or create their own marketing and social media content to entice, educate and engage with customers directly, our trade portals are the perfect one-stop-shop and are demonstrative of our commitment to ensuring our retail customers are supported throughout every step of their ‘AMES Companies’ journey.”

Beyond the portals

Whilst the new trade portals offer an unrivalled resource for retailers, the support available does not simply stop there. The AMES Companies also proudly provides its customers access to the most comprehensive product portfolios on the market today. Benchmark setting marketing provisions and customer service levels, are further bolstered by near 100% stock availability and delivery service level agreements that continually exceed the market standard. What’s more, the company is undertaking a series of significant investment plans which will offer even more value across the board in both the short and long-term.

Caroline added: “There has never been a better time to be an AMES Companies customer. We’ve been working tirelessly to ensure that the customer journey, from start to finish, is as effective as it can be. Through multiple key touchpoints, 24/7 support and a product portfolio that leaves no corner of the consumer wish list untouched, we believe we have created our strongest proposition yet, and one that will enable retailers to thrive in the coming season and beyond.”


Find out more

The AMES Companies trade portals can be found online via each brand’s website – look for the ‘trade’ link in the top right-hand corner. Available to existing customers only.


Find out more about the AMES Companies by visiting www.ames-uk.com

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