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As a heritage brand with over 60 years of bringing innovation to UK consumers, Town & Country knows how to engage and attract shoppers with exciting point of sale concepts. Each British-made stand has been developed with a commitment to quality, functionality and exceptional value for money in mind, to improve the customer journey through exciting visuals and easy product interaction.

Spice up gardening glove sales with the Flexi-Grip Chilli Gloves! Playful, vibrant graphics across the stand clearly display the USPs of the gloves for the customers, and reflect the quality and effectiveness of the product. The gloves themselves are also a draw for the eye, with a bright chilli design, and a breathable, tailored fit to keep dirt out. The comfort of the fit makes the gloves ideal for carrying out light work, whilst the latex coated palm and fingers provide added protection and grip for a multitude of tasks, making them appealing to a wide range of customers. They come in a triple pack as standard for added value, with a total of 72 triple packs able to be held within the stand.

The highly popular and engaging Light-Up Cloggies, display increases customer engagement, with flashing LEDs in the header to show the USPs. Developed at low level to act as an eye-catching display for enthusiastic kids with the flashing header and bright colours, the display also informs parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles on the key product details. The display is also functional, with six of each size shoe in each colour able to be held in the display for a stand loading of 72 pairs.

At this time of year, weeding tasks are high on the list of gardeners priorities. Town & Country has designed a weeding specific stand which includes the new Weed Wand, the gas canisters and some Weedmaster Plus gloves for added value display. As with the products, the stand is suitable all year round as the products are easily tailored to other gardening tasks from lighting BBQs, to de-icing driveways, patios and paths during the winter. The display holds 20 Weed Wands, 48 gas cannisters and 24 Weedmaster Plus gloves.

The ever-popular Flexi-Tubs has taken the market by storm when introduced into the garden market, previously only using the round version. Multi-use across indoors and outdoors the square design has opened up more uses than the traditional round version as it makes more efficient use of space, so it’s great for car boots for storage, kids toy storage or even as a laundry basket. The new display can display either the rounds or square designs, in a choice of three colours per shape and size with soft tones for the square and traditional gardening colours for the round. The metal stand can hold over 100 tubs and can be used all year round.

For more details and to order contact your local Town & Country Sales representative.

Further information on products is available on the Town and Country website www.townandco.com

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