Harvst have been at it again!

Company: Harvst Automation Ltd

It started with a heated cold frame, which became a heated mini greenhouse with automatic ventilation and watering. Now Harvst claims their latest S-Series grow systems can do it all.

Made In Britain, both the S8 and S16 climate-controlled mini greenhouses could be viewed as the ultimate domestic propagators with enough space to grow plants on until the weather turns, or keep them in there all year round - but they’re so much more than that.

For 2024 they have been extensively redesigned resulting in easier assembly, more flexible shelving, improved aesthetics with clear acrylic panels and even forced ventilation. These features combined with smart sensor based heating, lighting and watering have resulted in a product that enables gardeners to grow pretty much anything, anywhere, at any time regardless of season or available space.

The S-Series is a high tech grow system that has been proven to appeal to both new and existing gardeners alike. If you’re a retailer looking to offer your customers the latest in growing tech, drop Harvst a line on partners@harvst.co.uk.


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