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Company: Southern Trident

The new for 2022 Harmony Gardens portfolio designed to be the first carbon neutral compost contains a range of bagged growing media, all of which are 100% peat free and are made exclusively from environmentally-responsible, natural by-products and recycled raw materials. These are formulated to produce excellent growing results.

The range currently comprises the following products, all of which have Soil Association accreditation, so can be used with confidence by organic gardeners.

Harmony Gardens Multipurpose Compost is a quality peat-free, compost based on a mix of coir, composted bark, recycled wood fibre and green compost with added nutrients. It is the perfect potting compost, creating the ideal rooting and growing conditions for all plants growing in containers. It can be used in all gardening situations from seed sowing through to potting and planting in the garden.

It received the Best New Growing Media Product and the Sustainability Award at Glee 2021.

The Harmony Gardens Growbag is a full size growing-bag that is perfect for growing exceptional crops of fruit and vegetables and delivering amazing flavour. It is based on a mix of coir, composted bark, recycled wood fibre and green compost with added nutrients.

Harmony Gardens Top Soil is perfect for creating new garden borders, replacing old soil and levelling lawns. It is a mix of recycled topsoil, carefully blended with green compost to add organic matter and recycled wood fibre to lighten the soil and release nitrogen that aids plant growth.

Harmony Gardens Soil Improver N+, which contains a unique form of nitrogen, helps improve all poor soils, adding organic structure and enhancing the performance of all plants. It includes green compost blended with a unique recycled wood fibre that releases additional nitrogen back to the plants. Harmony Gardens Soil Improver N+ is perfect for mulching around plants or digging into the soil as a soil improver or planting medium.

There are numerous coir-based, peat-free composts on the market, making choice confusing and difficult for gardeners. Thanks to the positive independent growing trials that were carried out at Stockbridge Technology Centre, the UK’s premier horticultural growing and testing facility, where our coir-based compost outperformed every peat-free compost it was tested against, and performed equally as well as peat-based ones, gardeners can be assured that Harmony Gardens Multipurpose Compost produces excellent growing results.

Harmony Gardens Multipurpose Compost won two new product awards at Glee 2021 – the Sustainability Award and the Best New Growing Media Product 2021.

For more details on Southern Trident, visit our trade site southerntrident.com and for details of our products, visit our consumer website cocoandcoir.com.

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