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Eliza Tinsley, whose history in manufacturing and selling high-quality fencing and hardware products dates back more than 165 years, acquired horticulture and garden tool businesses Reedy Supplies and Greenman Garden Tools in February 2020. Following the acquisition, Eliza Tinsley unveiled a strategic rebrand for the trade sector of the tools business introducing  Reedy Pro in July 2020. 

The Reedy Pro and Greenman Garden Tool brands are sympathetic bedfellows for the hardware giant with similar heritage, quality and workmanship. Adding these brands to the Eliza Tinsley family has strengthened their portfolio and their extensive network of hardware stockists offer a natural route to market for these heritage agriculture and garden tool brands. Confronted with the most challenging year in trading history, Eliza Tinsley now reflects on the high’s and lows of a new business acquisition during a global pandemic.

Kendal Ernest, Sales Director for Eliza Tinsley comments “ Eliza Tinsley has been pivotal in supporting farmers throughout the Covid -19 pandemic by ensuring farmers have an uninterrupted supply of the equipment they need to maintain the wellbeing of livestock. Ensuring the distribution of core products such as gate hinges, gate sets and fencing spares has been vital but also maintaining the distribution of the integral farm tools like the popular Reedy Pro manure fork.  Eliza Tinsley has continued a lifeline of tools and equipment to keep the farming community functioning.”

The lockdown surge in new gardeners is bringing a fresh demographic of customers to the gardening sector and the acquisition of Greenman Garden Tools has placed  Eliza Tinsley in a strong position to service this new wave of gardening consumer.

“Despite the challenges we faced in 2020 we have been encouraged by the growth we have seen in the gardening sector. Sales of our long-handled tools, used for raised bed gardening tripled over the last 12 months, garden gifts were popular and many other lines saw a similar uplift. We are optimistic this new momentum for gardening will continue in 2021 and we are excited about what the future holds” comments Kendal.

2020 has seen garden and agriculture sales influenced by the pandemic, rapid changes in consumer shopping patterns have resulted in the need to be reactive to a new consumer demand.  Now more than ever Eliza Tinsley recognises the need to be versatile in the marketplace and reactive to an ever-changing situation.  Innovation plays a key role alongside a drive to identify new trends and customer shopping patterns. For 2021 Eliza Tinsley is investing in the implementation of technology and marketing packages to support their customers.

For more details on these exciting new ranges of garden and agriculture tools ring 0121 502 0055.

About Greenman Garden Tools and Reedy Pro

Owned by Eliza Tinsley a leading name in the hardware industry,   Greenman Garden Tools and Reedy Pro agricultural equipment have a proud heritage in tool manufacture and supply.   Established in 1972, these ranges have been developed using inspiration from much loved tools, where form and function have been rigorously tested to ensure their design benefits the end-user.   Together they bring Eliza Tinsley’s name front and centre in the horticulture and agricultural tools sectors. www.reedypro.com  www.greenmangardentools.com

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