Growth Technology is launching a range of quality organic fertilisers

Company: Growth Technology
  • Organic Houseplant Focus
  • Organic Citrus Focus
  • Organic Houseplant Focus
  • Organic Citrus Focus & Houseplant Focus

Growth Technology, the market leader in houseplant care products is launching a range of exceptional quality organic fertilisers for flourishing plants, naturally. 

The Focus range, which is already the widest range of houseplant care products, is further expanded with the addition of Organic Houseplant Focus and Organic Citrus Focus, as well as Organic Tomato Focus and Organic Garden Focus. These will be available to stockists in January 2022, and will give retailers the chance to offer customers an organic plant fertiliser of exceptional quality.

All Organic Focus fertilisers are blended from 100% plant-based ingredients approved for ecological growing. They are vegan friendly and will help houseplants flourish in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

They contain pure Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed extract to boost plant metabolism and stress resistance, as well as a full profile of pure organic nutrients including trace elements and complex organic compounds. They are further enriched with humic and fulvic acids for long-term soil health, and will encourage beneficial soil microbes, helping to protect plants from pests and diseases.

Manos Kanellos, PhD, Sales and Marketing Manager GC for Growth Technology said: “We’re proud to introduce these new products to our retail partners, expanding our bestselling range to meet the growing demand for organic products. In 2020 we had 23 of the 30 bestselling lines, simply because quality sells. Consumers recognise quality when they see it. At Growth Technology we are proud to live by the ethos of our founders, Giles and Alys Gunstone: “We use the best quality ingredients to ensure customers receive a perfect product. No short cuts, no compromises. For plants and the planet.”

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